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( Live Knowingly )


1 -        Humanity is for the first time transcending the Boundaries of the Dimensions they are familiar with.

2 -        Your Planet is going through Changes with all the Creation upon it.

3 -        Being in the Same Medium Elevates the Frequencies.

4 -        The Codes of Each Frequency that has Elevated are measured. In accordance with the results obtained, the Paths are Drawn for those Human Beings to tread.

5 -        Cosmic Energies Carry Knowledge. This Knowledge exerts Pressure on the Awareness, you become Distressed.

6 -        Your Spirit becomes More Troubled in Proportion to the Power and Purity of the Knowledge Received.

7 -        Since the Human Being Does not Know this, he/she becomes more Distressed and Sorrowful.

8 -        Sorrows are a stimulating Factor which Strains the Consciousness, which further activates it.

9 -        As the Consciousness rises and the Awareness awakens, the Distresses disappear.

10 -      The Human Being Evolves in this Way, Divine Peace is Attained in this Way.

11 -      This is a Law of Nature. Not Even a Baby can be Born without Labor Pain.

12 -      The Human Being attracts the negative currents in proportion to his/her becoming more positive.

13 -      Cosmic currents affect the positive Powers of the Cells.

14 -      This State Prepares the Bodily Cells for more Powerful Frequencies.

15 -      In this Way, more Power is added to the Power of the Human Being and your Bodily Power is enhanced.

16 -      This is necessary for the Steps to be Taken into Salvation.

17 -      Cosmic currents Reveal the True Personalities of the Human Beings.

18 -      This is an Unavoidable End. Human Beings are tested with Human Beings.

19 -      The Person who is at Peace and Integrated with himself/herself, who has Accepted Everything, has stepped into Salvation.