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The Writing Program





Dear friends,

As a Result of the Efforts exerted by All our Terrestrial Brothers and Sisters who have received the Divine Sacred Light in the direction of the teachings of the Divine Ordinance, in this Universal Program they have brought into effect in the Spirit of Unification, the Divine Justice Mechanism has deemed it suitable as a necessity of the program, to Rearrange form the beginning the Studies of the writing program of the Book, in the Direction of the Suggestions of the System, parallel to the progress of the Whole World.

The Supreme Mechanism, which deems it suitable that the Book is written down by All our Terrestrial Brothers and Sisters who have reached the Unification Spirit of the Knowledge Book, in their own handwriting, in order for them to be able to Integrate with the Universal Frequency of the Knowledge Book has Granted this Right that it had granted to the Anatolia Totality up to the year 2000, has taken into effect a new Writing Program until 18 February of World Year 2008 in the direction of the requests it has received from the Thought Scanning of Other Terrestrial Brothers and Sisters of Ours, who have Newly who Newly become Acquainted with the Book; and has delivered the Working Ordinances to your planet.

However, due to the Scarcity of Time, the Potential and the Necessity Observed, the program of the Knowledge Book being written by your Whole Planet has been Reevaluated, parallel to the awakening Observed on your Planet to write the Knowledge Book Individually, until 18 February 2013, at the end of 2012, and it has been Decided that Individual Card-Indexing should also be taken into effect.

This is a Final Decision taken into effect for all Human Beings on your Whole Planet. However, no change is in Question for the Working Programs of Three People Connected to the System, they are in Service exactly as they are. The program of opening focal points with Working Programs of Three People are a Divine and Eternal Program and Those Who Apply for Service in This Program are directly card-indexed to the System as the Essence Staff Members of the System.

Those who write individually will be card-indexed to the System when they come together as Three People and take the program into effect by making Connection to the System, in case they have Written Down the Book Completely. If they remain in the Individual Program, they will be Given Duties in Accordance with their Capacities and the Book which they have written down Individually will come into effect as a testimonial of their belief in the System.

Those who receive the Writing Fascicules from the Knowledge Focal Points they Continue to Attend are directly Card-indexed to the System and the System is Always by the Side and in Aid of those who Serve directly Connected to It.

When the Knowledge Book is Accepted by 1/3 Majority on your Planet, Kosmos will establish an Intercontinental Commission and take the Knowledge Book, Translated into all Languages until This Day, into Service by having it Translated once more from the Original Text which is the Book in Turkish, and the Knowledge Book will henceforth be the Single Book of Your Planet.

It is presented for your Information.