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(To Be Read With Great Attention)

Our friends,

All the suggestions and studies given to your Planet by Kosmos until today are each a program prepared for the entire Humanity (including your Sacred Books). For this reason all the Organizations serving on your planet on the Universal and the Religious Path have Study Programs, Scales and Rituals peculiar to themselves. However, the "World Brotherhood Union" which is a Mission Staff who has given their covenants for the direct service of the System has undertaken a duty responsible for your entire Planet.

For this reason, THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK has been dictated and put into service from this source, that is, Anatolian Turkey. These Universal Friends who are a mission connected directly to Kosmos have until now taken into effect their duties consciously and have conveyed the Knowledge Book and its Study Programs connected to Kosmos everywhere on your planet, and they are also in charge of conveying the suggestions which will be given. WORLD PLANET

For this Staff which has been serving in the Anatolian Totality since the World year 1966, the Program of Writing the Book in their Handwriting was over in the World year 2000. However, with the reason that Western Friends have newly met the Knowledge Book, permission had been granted to these friends to write the Book for 1 more World year. And this program is also over.

As a result of the general scanning carried out on your entire planet on the 21st of June of the World year 2004, it has been determined that many of our Terrestrial Friends are ready, and it has been decided in accordance with the Suggestions of the Supreme Mechanism that these Universal World Friends who are (outside Anatolian Turkey) write the Knowledge Book in their Handwriting until 18th of February of the World year 2007.

Let us now dictate it article by article for the subject and the program to be better understood. Please write;

1. As a result of the scannings carried out, it has been decided that the Knowledge Book is to be written in handwriting in Countries outside Turkey until 18th of February of the World year 2007 (With an ink fountain pen). However, (with the message given on the date 6-5-2007 the writing program of the Book was opened again until the date 18-2-2013.)

2. The Knowledge Book is an OMEGA Book. Its frequency prepares all those who read it for Omega.

3. Those who want to write the Book are obliged to apply the given suggestions exactly. Otherwise Kosmos sees that the Book is written incompletely and does not register it on its Computer.

4. A Study Group consisting of 3 people which is desired to be established in every part of your planet is called a (COUNCIL).

5. On the day that the Council of 3 people will establish their group, they are connected to Kosmos by phoning the number (0090 216 336 30 97) one by one. Connections are taken in effect as explained in article 54, and the group is considered as established with the date of that day.

6. This Council of 3 people begins its first study by reading the First Fascicule, and everyone reads one page each in sequence and they explain to each other what they have understood. (If the message does not end at the end of the page, one has to carry on reading until the end of the message).

7. During the following weekly studies, each fascicule is read and explained one by one in sequence the same way. Ideas are exchanged. In this way Knowledge strengthens.

8. This Council of 3 people studies in accordance with the given suggestions, and completing the Knowledge Book program within 1 year (62 weeks), they become (SOLAR TEACHERS).

9. This period of 1 year (62 weeks) is the training process of the teacher, and studies are carried out only on TUESDAYS during the day or in the evening. (Studying on Tuesdays is a Universal Program.)

10. After 1 world year this Council of 3 people takes into effect its Genuine Duty and connects to the program of (LAW OF SERVICE TO THE HUMAN BEING). And they are obliged to establish a Focal POint open to the Public.

11. This FOCAL POINT may meet at a large home or a rented place, as desired.

12. The FOCAL POINT studies to be made every week are carried out only on (SATURDAY) during the day or in the evening. Councils of 3 people currently working in the entire World study on the same day. This is a Universal Reflection program.

13. The Council Group of 3 people who have started their focal point, go over carefully and study together on Tuesdays the fascicule to be explained at the focal point that week.

14. The Focal Point established by the Friends at the Council of 3 people is open to the public, everyone may come.

15. At this Focal Point, each Friend in the Council reads and explains one by one a fascicule every week in sequence, starting with the First Fascicule.

16. In this way, those who come to the Focal Point receive information and are trained. This is the (Law of Service to the Human Being).

17. If these 3 Solar Teachers take into effect seriously the entire responsibility of a Studying Ordinance desired by the System, they obtain the permission to pass from ALPHA to OMEGA.

18. These friends at the Council of 3 people are each considered a Messenger of the System and if they finish writing the Knowledge Book within 1 year (62 weeks), they receive the permission to Exit from OMEGA.

19. If these 3 Friends cannot finish writing their Books within 1 year (62 weeks), they lose their rights and just stay at the Dimension of Salvation. (Dimension of Salvation = Passing to Omega)

20. Those who leave the program halfway stay in ALPHA, that is, just in the RELIGIOUS medium. They cannot obtain the Certificate to Exit from Omega.

21. Each of the Friends at the Council of 3 people chooses any day of the week as the (Conscious Mission Day).

22. The Council Friends are obliged to give out to a friend every week either the 1st fascicule or the triple fascicule set consisting of (1st-20th-25th) fascicules, on this day they have chosen. This is their primary duty.

23. The fascicules are given out as ?Presents?, money is not charged.

24. The weekly Fascicule distribution duty may also be carried out by post. However, it is imperative that an explanatory letter is written in handwriting and sent along with the fascicules. Weekly missions carried out by post cannot be taken in effect by way of electronic mail.

25. If during the Conscious Mission Day Fascicules cannot be given out due to any excuse, there is the obligation to give out 2 fascicules next week on the same day. This is called a (KARMA).

26. If there are 3 Karmas, 3 fascicules are given out on the same day.

27. The one who does not give out 3 fascicules on the same day leaves the group. There cannot be 4 Karmas.

28. The 3 friends at the Council are obliged to complete the Council within 30 days, that is, until the 3rd Tuesday or at most in 1 month by finding someone to replace the person who has left the Council.

29. If the Council cannot be completed within 1 month, the Group is disbanded.

30. The Council Friends put their own signature one by one at the end of their Notebooks which they have finished writing within normal time segment (within 62 weeks) and get their notebooks card-indexed to the System by locking the Auras of the Books with 3 signatures.

31. As the Books of the friends who wrote their books before the date 8-8-2004 when the message was given have been card-indexed to the System, there is no need for them to write the book once more.

32. In accordance with the given suggestions, only those who come to the Focal Points will write the Knowledge Book.

33. The friend who wants to write the Book will obtain the fascicules from the Focal Point he/she is attending.

34. In accordance with the System, every week 1 fascicule will be written.

35. The friend who is writing the Book will obtain from the Focal Point only the fascicule he/she will write that week. He/she cannot obtain more.

36. Only in case of important excuses such as (Birth-Illness-Travel-Holiday), with the signatures of at least 2 Solar Teachers, he/she can obtain the fascicules which are to be written until the date of their return or end of the medical report date.

37. If an individual obtains 2 fascicules in his/her normal life, he/she is taken outside the Program.

38. Every Friend who takes into effect such a Study Program and finishes writing the Book is Card-indexed Directly to the Dimension of Salvation.

39. Each Friend who finishes writing the Book, comes to the Focal Point having taken 2 people together with him/her according to the given suggestions, and has his/her Notebook card-indexed to the System by having it signed by at least 2 Solar Teachers and receives the permission to Establish a Council.

40. The friends who have established Councils this way open up their Focal Point if they take into effect the Study Program of 1 year (62 weeks). And they receive the permission to exit from Omega as a result of these studies they have taken into effect.

41. This is a Universal Program. Only the Book you will write this way is also registered directly by the System.

42. The Program of Exit from Omega is realized only by the application of these given suggestions.

43. For this reason Reading and Writing the Knowledge Book is very important.

44. The program of Friends who write the Knowledge Book individually without joining any of the Study Programs is a bit different.

45. They are directly Card-indexed to the System since they have written the Book, and they are granted just one right of Incarnation.

46. The frequency of everyone who takes into effect the Reading Program consciously on every February 19th and completes the program with nothing missing, is loaded unto all the letters within the Knowledge Book. In this way everyone who reads the Book also receives your energy.

47. For this reason the Knowledge Book is called "The Book of the Human Being" and "The Unifying Book".

48. In the first reading program, the frequencies are loaded on the Book, in other readings however, one benefits from these high frequencies and health problems receive support.

49. All the friends who have become Solar Teachers by writing their notebooks and receiving signatures at the Focal Points established are obliged to come together once a month and give a (Party for a Meal of Love).

50. In these meetings, everyone will present their friends the food they have prepared with their beautiful frequencies.

51. As the friends who write their Books by being connected to Focal Points carry Duty Consciousness and Responsibility the System considers them its own Messengers.

52. The Focal Point Studies always start by the reading of the 1st Fascicule and each week one fascicule is read in sequence.

53. Every week, the Solar Teacher who is going to explain the fascicule makes a phone connection to the Phone number of the Main Center (0090 216 336 30 97) before starting the study. He/she declares which fascicule he/she will be explaining and how many people there are at the Focal Point.

54. The day on which the first connection for establishing a Council and a Focal Point is to be made, the Phone connections are carried out as follows; "Hello, the One Who Unifies is Within the Total." "This is (name of the country), (name of the city), my name is (........), my profession is (.........), my date of birth is (.........), my phone number is (.........), today?s date is (..........), today we will be reading (??..) fascicule. I am requesting my aura connection."

55. The phone connections for weekly Focal Point and Council Studies are made as follows: "Hello, the One Who Unifies is Within the Total, this is (name of the country), (name of the city), my name is (........), the phone number is (.........), today?s date is (..........), today we will be reading (??..) fascicule. We are (??..) people at the Focal Point. I am requesting my aura connection."

56. The word "Hello, the One Who Unifies is Within the Total" is the Code Cipher of Kosmos. If this cipher is not said correctly or if it not said completely, then the Dimension Frequency does not open, the studies that are carried out are not registered.

57. Suggestions given related to the Program of Reading and of establishing Focal Points are being inserted in the Knowledge Book, and conveyed to every section of your Planet.

58. Focal Point and Council Studies are carried out only with fascicules. The book with purple cover cannot be used in Focal Point or Council studies. However, individual reading and writing programs may be taken into effect with the book if desired.

It is presented for your Information.


Note:   You may always get the answers to your questions on the details of study programs from the Main Center. For this, your written application to the address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it will be sufficient.



      1. The person who will write the book gets a notebook first. On the first page of the notebook he/she draws the emblem of six by hand or has it photocopied and sticks it on that page.

    2. At the beginning of the second page the date with the day and the year when the book is being written and the name of the one who is writing the book is written.

    3. Then, starting from the first fascicule (with the title In the Name of the All Merciful) he/she continues writing.

    4. It is obligatory to write one fascicule each week and complete writing the book in 62 weeks.

    5. Solar Teachers may also complete the writing of their notebook before 62 weeks if they wish so.

    6. While writing the fascicules, it is obligatory that an ink fountain pen or a pen with water soluble liquid ink is used.

    It is presented for your Information.