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Our friends,

The Totalistic aura that will be formed during the program of reading the fascicules of the Knowledge Book taken into effect by the Divine Order in order to help Humanity, will form a Protective aura by including in itself your aura, too. With this reason, in order for everyone to be able to benefit from this program in these days and in the morrows, the decision of 19th of February of every new year to be the Starting date for the reading program of the Knowledge Book has been taken by the Universal Ordinance.

On the19th of February of every year, every individual who wants to read the Knowledge Book may take into effect the program of one year by starting with the first fascicule and reading the fascicules consecutively. In this program, the right of reading for one year has been granted to everyone. And within this one year, the Book is read in 6 rounds. The fascicules, which could not be read due to excuses, will be taken into effect by being read consecutively only after these 6 rounds are completed that is after the program of one year is finished (You may learn about the details from the message given on 15.01.2000).

While reading the fascicules, which were left out due to excuses, since the program is connected to the Time Energy, if the fascicules carrying the same number are left out due to excuses, they are read on separate days in the order of the round. The frequency of every individual, who reads the Book in this one-year program, is also loaded on the Book by the Cyclone Technique. In this way you are taken into the Magnetic Protection Aura. Every individual, who finishes the program of one year, if he/she wishes, may continue with the reading program for as long as he/she wants to. There is no problem.

However, the loading of the frequency of the individual on the Book is taken into effect during the first reading program. With the fascicules read later, you gain strength by diving into that magnetic field. However it is obligatory that everyone read the same fascicules on the same day. Otherwise Fractured Auras cannot be taken into the Magnetic Protection Aura. It is presented for your Information.



1- After the one year long program of the Book is over, fascicules which are left to karma are read one every day in the order of writing them down.

2- One cannot move onto the second reading program before the karmas are completed.

3- Reading programs, which were not taken into effect on The 19th of February, may come into effect whenever desired as (Intermediate karmas).

4- (The term Intermediate karmas is used for the program of starting from the fascicule which is read by everyone on the same day).

5- If one starts reading in between, all the previous fascicules are taken into effect as Karma.

6- By the ending of the Book of 1 Year, these karmas are completed by reading consecutively, starting from the first fascicule.

7- It is only after reading of the fascicules which were left out due to excuses during the first round are finished, that the reading of the fascicules left out due to excuses during the second round can be taken into effect consecutively, one every day. (One may not move on to reading the karma fascicules of the other round before the karmas of one round are completed.)