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(It Is An Answer to Thoughts)

Our Friends,

In the program of making Humanity attain the Awareness of the Entire Ordinance, on your planet many supporting branches are conveyed to you by way of the Knowledge Book. The entire Working Ordinances taken into effect on the path of the Knowledge Book up to this moment are your Preparation Program for the Morrows. As you know, until today Human Consciousnesses have carried out their missions in various ways, connected to an Energy Field only up to their own Evolutionary Dimensions. This has been taken into effect as a test of their responsibility and duty consciousness.

All of these operations have been constituted with the help of the Sacred Books. However now, as a Universal Wing of yours, the strong frequency peculiar to the Knowledge Book is a life buoy that helps you draw the energies of Unknown Dimensions with your Brain Power and Cellular Awareness. The Knowledge Book is, on its own, a Guru that trains you. Through the Light ? Photon ? Cyclone Technique, the Knowledge Book is helping you to be able to draw into your constitutions the different strong energies of every day, the energies of Universal Dimensions, which you would not be able to draw individually.

In this way you are being gradually engrafted with the Totalistic Energies of the Ordinance of the entire Cosmos and you are attaining the right to live there. You know that the Technique of the Knowledge Book is loading the Time Energies onto the Letter Frequencies and whenever you read this Book, this technique prepares you for the Absolute Dimensions of the morrows, by uniting the Time Energy of that day with your cells.

For this reason during the first tour of the Reading Program that is taken into effect individually on 19th February every year on your entire planet, and that is done following the given suggestions without missing out any fascicules, the Essence Frequency of each individual who reads and completes this Book is loaded unto all the letters of the Knowledge Book and thus a Human Unification Program is taken into effect. In this way individuals who have never met in World Life and who will never be able to see each other physically are gathered within a Brotherly/Sisterly Magnetic Field through this Energy Web. For this reason the Knowledge Book is called the Book of the Human Being.

The reason for reading the First Tour is for loading the frequency of the reader unto the Book.  However, according to us, the other tours are more important than the first tour. For, these tours connect your Cellular Evolutions, which you would not be able to make for centuries by way of worship through the Time Energy to the Evolutionary Level of that day. With your awareness progressions coming into effect in this way, you make your progressions with the Energies of Unknown Dimensions.

It is for this reason that the Knowledge Book is also called a Book of Salvation. If you read the Knowledge Book without any faltering, exactly in the direction of the given suggestions and without making changes according to your human consciousnesses, you and humanity will gain a lot.

However, reading the Knowledge Book is peculiar to those who have reached a certain level of evolution and consciousness. For this reason we are saying that not everyone can read or write the Knowledge Book, or serve on this path. It is the earnest desire and wish of the Ordinance of the Cosmoses that all of our World Brothers and Sisters integrate with and reach the Consciousness of the Universal Totality and that they deserve the Knowledge Book.