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Dear Mevlana,

At the end of the Book, it is the Wish of the Universal Totality that You please write an article comprising Your Thoughts concerning the Knowledge Book and Your personal Thoughts into the Book together with Your Name belonging to Your Terrestrial Body You live in at the moment and Your Private Signature, Our Friend. The acceptance of Our Love is Our kind Request.



My Friends,

Such a System has been established in accordance with the Ordinance of Existence that Living or Non-Living the entire Creation has to set out for Evolution.

Through Changing Times, one goes to such Unchanging Times that neither Your Intellect, nor Your Logic are enough to understand the phenomena there. You come to such a place that there, from then on, Logic stops, Thoughts speak.

Then You comprehend that You are the Traveller of a Path of no Return.

You can Never Avoid this System. Because, the Variable Waves You receive beyond the Changing Times will interminably prepare all Your Bodily Cells for the Infinite Consciousness and beyond it.

The most Beautiful thing You should do to understand that You live in this Natural Ordinance is to LOVE. Because, You come into Existence by Love - You Blaze with Love - You make Your Evolution by Love - You Reach (O) with Love. This is the Initial Plan of the established Evolutionary Ordinance. The initial setting out is the Path of Love.

Then, You come across to such Orders and such Ordinances on the paths You tread that for a moment the Thought to remain as a Veiled Consciousness and Not to Know - Not to See - Not to Understand anything seems very attractive to You.

These paths are very complicated paths. However, this is the Single Path which will lead You to Light. Every Living Entity is doomed to go through these Paths sooner or later, whether he/she wishes it or not, whether he/she comes to his/her World Once or a Thousand times.

Now, We are getting ready Altogether for New Horizons, having gone through the times up to this period.

The Only Branch We hold on to in the World Dimension We live at the moment, is Our Consciousness - the System which brought Us into Existence and ALLAH Who is its Peak Point.

Now, ALLAH is establishing His System anew, together with His Totalities He has formed up until today. Time will prove Us everything.

In order for You to be taken into Salvation in this Transition Medium, it is necessary for You to be able to transmit Your Brain Energy beyond Times and even to Unknown Times in which You presume there is nothing.

Because, during this Period, it is imperative that Your Brain Power should attain more Power by the Potential it spends by attracting Unknown Information from Unknown Horizons.

The KNOWLEDGE BOOK which carries a characteristic of disclosing the Unknowns of the Supreme Realm is full of all the Universal Secrets.

An Intercontinental Commission will be the forerunner for the Scientific Proof of this Book which will also create great echoes during the Future Life Periods of Your Planet.

The reason why an Operational Order parallel to the Laws of the 18 Systems, in accordance with the Systems - Ordinances and Orders is projected on Your Planet, is for Proving that You Are Not alone in the Universe.

Humanity which has embraced the Unknowns by the Unification of the Frequencies of the Religious Doctrines with the instinctive Intuitional Totality, have now been exalted towards a Consciousness which is able to be aware of the Secrets of the Universes.

One day Humanity will understand quite well the Reflections behind the Unknowns of the tableaux which have occurred by themselves of the Natural formation and of the Universal Totalities and will attain the Consciousness that neither Chemical, nor Physical formations of anything have occurred by themselves.

And Humanity will one day comprehend, sooner or later, that everything had originated from a phenomenon of METAMORPHOSIS.

Since Humanity which does not Know the Unknowns under the Light of the given Information will be inclined to refuse, very naturally, the things they do not Know, various Information will always be conveyed to You by the help of Cosmic Channels, so that these delusions will not occur.

However, the KNOWLEDGE BOOK will always remain to be the SINGLE Source for Humanity. Because, this first Book of Truth disclosing the Truth in all clarity to the Mediums which do not know the Unknowns, is a Gift the Skies offer for Humanity which has attained the Totality of Consciousness.

This Information conveyed to You way beyond Beliefs from the Unknown boundaries of the Unknowns by the reflection System will one day unveil all the way the Curtain of the Truth for Humanity.

However, the unveiling of this Curtain will only be possible by the Human Consciousnesses? Proving everything on the framework of Scientific View. I love the entire Humanity and You very much.