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Our Friends,

Now, We would like to convey to You Information about the Time and the Mediums You live in. From the Divine Evolvement Dimensions which are dominant since the Creation of the Universe, to the numerous different Evolutionary Plans which began to climb the steps very recently, are all included in the Program of Progress of different Dimensions.

Alongside with this, certain very natural and different Evolutionary tableau come into existence. The situation You experience in Your Planet at the moment is at a Threshold of Progress in the same way. The Mass influence of people on each other which You call Fashion, is not a current in vain as You presume.

Fashion is a School which assembles a Mass Discipline and the Same Levels of Consciousness under the same roof. Art is the conveyance of Advanced Technologies to You and the Currents You receive from there cause the manifestation of the Creative Mechanism in You.

We have talked to You in length about the Gene Transfers and Reincarnations before. We will mention them often when necessary. Because, Your entire Life, Your Happiness or Unhappiness depend on Your being able to attain the Truth, or Your inability to do so.

Even though the tableau of Your World shows a state of deviating off its right course during this Period of Sincerity which We call the Final Period, this, in fact, is a preparation for the investments to be made in future. Since the annihilation of Conditionings is taken care of first, We make you go through Exams of Tolerance by situations which seem unacceptable to You.

The most important factors which cause discrimination between people are Outer Appearance, differences, disagreements between Life Styles and Thoughts. To accept everything as it is prepares You for more advanced maturity.

At the moment, You are carrying in Your Genes, the influences of Centuries, the Good or the Bad aspects of Your lives. You possess a Thousand Personalities in a single Physical Body. Now, to Unify the Initial and the Final, to remove the Personalities in between, occurs through both Our and Your Efforts.

The quicker You fuse Your Personalities within Your inner pot, the quicker Your Initial and the Final Selves will emerge as a Genuine and an Integrated Personality. Only then will You discover Genuine Happiness.

At the moment, there are numerous transfers in Your Planet from different Cultures and Plans. Each Personality will very naturally exhibit his/her own Views. They contradict Your habitual Culture and Views. But do not forget that these View conflicts cause You to go through Exams of Maturity.

We determine Your Views through the Signals We receive from Your chains of Thought. That is, (GOD is closer to You than Your Aorta. He sees everything). Now, the Selection of Humanity and the Mediums it will Transcend are much more difficult.

Because, Our Human brothers and sisters prepare their investments for the future in accordance with their Levels of Consciousness. There is no Intercession. Whatever is sown will be reaped.

Each person will feel in his/her Essence the reckoning of the Good or Bad things he/she has done and will weigh them in the Scales of his/her Conscience. Those who are able to do this weighing now are prepared for Salvation. Only afterwards will they receive the Permission to be prepared for the Evolution of different Plans.

In Your Planet which has been Disciplined until the Final Period, the matter of (Fashion - Music - Art) used to be performed by the Advanced Consciousness Codes, by special operations and contacts. For this reason, equivalent Views and standards in Fashion and Music have been dominant in Your Planet.

But now, at the last first half of the Twentieth Century, it was decided that there should be a selection since it was desired that the applied Plan should be changed and the View of the entire Humanity should be Unified in an Integrated Whole and for this reason, different Cosmic Currents started to shower Your Planet.

At the moment, Genes coming from the Energies of different Dimensions, began to Wake Up by their own Consciousness. And the present Chaos of the World Order and madness have come into existence. It is presented for Your Information.