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Our Friends,

It is for the benefit of Humanity that all the Integrated Consciousnesses should act in accordance with the Suggestions given directly by the Supreme Mechanism so that everything can advance towards the Beautiful and the Perfect in Your Planet during this Period of Transition.

During all the efforts made for creating the Beautiful Totalities of the Morrows, carrying out the operations under the roof of a Family and Brotherly/Sisterly Totality by Respecting the Views of everyone with Love, will give the most Positive results.

In all the Associations and Establishments, Human Beings' addressing each other with a mild Language without being effected by Individual Consciousnesses and by concealing Personal Feelings will render the roofs under which these Universal Operations are made, a Family Home.

Cooperative Dialogues with reciprocated Love and Respect will form the strong foundations of the Morrows. It is the Suggestion of the Totality that these Suggestions of Ours should be kept in consideration in each step during all the work which will be rendered from now on.

The Essence is from You, the Word from Us and the Path which is treaded is from OUR LORD. The Negativities which occur, all the Sorrows and all the Inconveniences suffered are each an occurrence originating from People?s inability to Supervise themselves. It is presented for Your Information.