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Our Friends,

The subject matter mentioned in the Messages We have given to You until today, was the reflection of an Evolutionary System in conformity with the Ordinance of Graduation. However, the Information You receive now and will receive in future, is a Period of Preparation considered necessary by the Plans way beyond this Ordinance.

The application on Your Planet of the Ordinance of Salvation of the Divine Plan which is called the Period of Sincerity has been implemented in the field of application beginning from the year 1900 in accordance with the Universal Ordinance. Everyone sent to Your Planet after this date has been obliged to take a Mission instinctively parallel to the Consciousness of the Mediums he/she lives in.

And they have continued this situation which seems as if it was far from Mission-Consciousness, as if it was their normal World lives. By performing the various Missions incumbent on them everyone made Your Planet go through exams both Individually and Socially since those Periods.

This Accelerated System of Evolution has changed and will still change the countenance of Your Planet. Since the Cosmic Currents given create Stress in Consciousnesses who were unable to Awaken and for this reason, were unable to wash the Negative seeds in their Essences, those Negative Essential Nuclei have developed even more in their constitutions and have caused Humanity to fall into a difficult situation.

They, too, have invisible Missions in the Ordinance of Evolution. Because, each Entity completes his/her Evolution by his/her opposite. And, since this is an equivalent Evolution of the scales, there will rise an equally Powerful Negative Conscience opposite of each Powerful Conscience Awakened.

Because, these Cosmic Currents influence the Essences in the Awakened Consciousness in a better way and the Essences in those who were unable to be Awakened in a more Negative way. This is a Law of Equilibrium rendered by the Cosmic rains in the Medium of Awakening. For this reason, getting Organized in Your Planet, both Negatively and Spiritually, has increased.

We can never interfere with this situation. Because, Everyone during this Resurrecting Period is obliged to make his/her own Progress in accordance with his/her own Level of Consciousness. In accordance with the given Command there is no Intercession. Only to the Consciousness who rise up to a certain Evolutionary Consciousnesses, Helping Hands are extended.

The System functions in this manner. Your World which goes through Depression, facing the Negative life will be redeemed from Individualism and will become Socialized. The Unification and the Evolution of Nations occur by this means. This Message has been dictated to give Information to Your Planet about Organizations.

During this difficult Period, it is imperative that a large portion of Your Planet should be Awakened by the high Frequencies carried by the Knowledge Book. For this reason, We tell You "to Propagate and to Spread with Speed". The part played by the Awakened Consciousnesses in the Ordinance of Propagation is very great.

Because, everyone can reach up to Us through the Frequency carried by the Fascicules of the Book. Otherwise, We can not Code them, We can not determine from the Archives who they are. And We can not extend them our Helping Hands. Meanwhile, numerous Lights who could not reach this System are wasted.

Everyone is Coded here by their Individual, Essence-Consciousnesses. Since the entire Humanity has absorbed the Merciful Lights of the LORD and since Negative Consciences, too, benefited from this fact, You used to live in a more stable World.

But now, those Purifying Currents have been cut off and Your Planet is showered by different Cosmic rains which will reveal the Genuine Essences in the Consciences. In future, You will be exposed to more different Currents. These Currents will select Humans from Humans.

And the GOLDEN AGE will be established by the Vibrations of Love of the Positive Consciousnesses.

The System has changed. The style of Evolution has changed. Now, it is beneficial to grasp the Truth. Since the Fascicules of this Knowledge Book carry the Powerful Divine Waves of the LORD, the Negativity in those who read them vanishes.

And their Genuine Consciences within their Essence are revealed. For this very reason this Book is Your Savior. A Person who has been Awakened does not know yet the great Mission he/she performs in the Medium of Purification by distributing at least Six Fascicules.

Time will prove everything. This Knowledge Book which is the threshold of the Golden Age is Your Universal Guide. You will personally witness this and will be prepared for the Plan of Salvation. The proof of everything is within Time. It will be awaited and be seen. Our Love is for all the Universes.