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1    -    In the Missions you perform, do not serve in order to gain any ranks and degrees. Plots in Heaven are finished.

2    -   Your Genuine path of Light You will follow has been designed for You. Your services and gains are on this path.

3    -     Divine Authorities always assist You. However, the time of flattery is over.

4    -     More Seriousness and Responsibility are expected in Your work.

5    -     The investments Your Planet is making in the Golden Age will prepare the Medium of Salvation forYou.

6    -     The Universal Unification Council has come into effect as a necessity of the Plan.

7    -     Supervision is made by a Single Hand, by a Single Plan.

8    -     We are in touch, each moment, with Our Missionaries who will reap the rewards.

9    -     Through this Knowledge Book dictated, We talk to You about the Truth and show You the ways of Exit.

10    -   Your Gain and Your Salvation depend on Your Frequency Power being equivalent to Your Evolvement.

11    -   The Pureness of Your Essence will cause You to discover Yourselves in the steps You will take towards Salvation.

12    -    Race with Time is over, now it has been passed beyond Time.

13    -    Knowledge illuminates Your Sun, You are Awakened. Your Essences cause Your Spirits to Shine, You attain.

14    -    The Information given to You is the truest Index. Your doubts are unreasonable.

15    -    Weighing by the scales of Time will prepare You for Salvation.

16    -    The Triangle of Effort - Tolerance - Love connects You to the Plan.

17    -    The Lights of the Golden Age have begun to rise on Your horizon.

18    -    The Sun will Rise which You think will never rise during Your hopeless moments.

19    -    You are coming to Us under the Supervision of an Advanced Technology.

20    -    The Time Machine is the mirror of Proof.

21    -    Impatience causes Your steps to be entangled. You fall down on the path You tread.

22    -    Private connections are established with Awakened Consciousnesses. You are subject to the Law of    Graduation.

23    -    Do not get rusty in the Medium of Resignation. Reach the Essence of the Truth.

24    -    Timing is very important in Communications. Catch the Medium of Unity beyond Consciousness            (INFINITE AWARENESS).

25    -    Degree and Position are the Unification of Your Essence with Your Consciousness. Unity, Union is this.

26    -    Computer Timing catches that moment of Yours and introduces You to Yourselves.

27    -    You can receive the Genuine Knowledge only after this Medium.

28    -    If You are a Genuine Essence, We help You on this path.

29    -    This is not Partiality. You claim Your Genuine Essences by the investments You make into Centuries.

30    -    Your Efforts are your Gain.

31    -    The Essential Nuclei are a great help to the Salvation Medium.

32    -    These Essences are sown to Your Planet during certain times and they shed Light on You by way of    Incarnations.

33    -    The Supreme Consciousnesses whom You call Prophets are living on Your Planet at the moment.

34    -    They have assumed Unexpected personalities so that Mediums of Idolatry would not be enlivened again. Their Personalities are kept secret.

35    -    For Us, each Awakened Consciousness is a Sage, a Prophet.

36    -    In fact, the Period of Prophethood has ended and the Subawareness fragments have been cleansed.

37    -    Conditions imposed upon each Awakened Consciousness is to make them find their Essences.

38    -    Due to this, a lot of false Prophets have sprung up in Your Planet.

39    -    Time will choose the Genuine Saints.

40    -    The Genuine Wise People are those who efface themselves by giving up searching for themselves.

41    -    This Knowledge Book which is dictated, will help You in accordance with Your chains of Thought.

42    -    When the time comes, You will be aware of everything personally.

43    -    First, You will Save Yourself, then You will help Your Brothers and Sisters in accordance with Your  Level of Consciousness.

44    -    All the Books which are dictated to Your Planet, will help You in the Medium of Awakening.

45    -    This Book which is dictated to Dear Mevlana, will prepare You for Salvation.

46    -    Salvation means to get the Permission to pass to more Advanced Dimensions from Your present Plan.

47    -    Now, You will receive this Permission only by the Command of the LORD.

48    -    There are no Intermediaries, no Assistants.

49    -    Your Evolvement is Your Testimonial.

50    -    No one can Intercede for anyone else.

51    -    You are in a brand new Order, a brand new Unification.

52    -    During the selections made, You will be the ones who will Help Yourselves.

53    -    We are the Lords of Timing. We are Your Elder brothers. Your Supervision is made by the Center.

54    -    Our Mission Ships have gotten in touch with You directly.

55    -    You are attaining the Truth beyond the Religious Awakening.

56    -    Awakenings are under the supervision of the System. We are always in contact with direct channels.

57    -    The Mevlana Essence Nucleus Group is the direct Anatolian Mission. It is conveying to You the Information given from the Advanced Dimensions of the Council, under the supervision of Sirius, under the Command of the Council of the Loyal Ones.

58    -    The applied field is within the Plan.

59    -    The Council of the Universal Unification is in direct contact with the Council of the Loyal Ones and the Assembly of the Stars from the Dimension of Sirius.

60    -    This Book, which will provide the Religious Unification, is the KNOWLEDGE BOOK of the GOLDEN AGE.

61    -    Through this Book We Call to Humanity.

62    -    We are Patient - Determined - Powerful.

63    -    We are connecting all the Channels, which are beyond Nine Lights, to a Single Focal Point.

64    -    The Applied field of the Commands is the Divine Plan. The Commands are from the Single Hand, the Single Word.

65    -    During difficult conditions, We have gotten in touch with You by the Command to help Your Planet.

66    -    Now You, too, are a Member of the Universal Unification Council.

67    -    There is no need for Detail in the given Information. The Goal is the Essence of the Book.

68    -    Cooperation is the Unification of Powers.

69    -    Information is given from the direct channel, from the direct applied field of the plan.

70    -    This Message is dictated article by article so that it can be understood well.