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Our Friends,

Each of You is a Biological Computer Embodied in accordance with the conditions of Nature. Your Brain Power has a receiving Capacity of 1,235,000 Channels. However, You can not use this ability of Yours.
Messages given to You are arranged in accordance with the quantity of words in Your Brain Computers and the registers are made accordingly. The richer Your vocabulary is, the richer will be the Knowledge You will receive. For this reason We always get in touch with the Brain Codes of high Levels.
Our aim is to address all the Consciousnesses. That is why, for Centuries, We have told You to "read, read, read". The aim of reading is not to repeat what You already know. Reading should be in every field.

Your vocabulary can thus become richer and by this means You can grasp better the meaning of the words You are going to write and read. The words which are not known in the World Consciousness notion are dictated by coding the letters, one by one, which are in Your Brain Codes.
Our Friends whose Religious Knowledge is more than their Learning Knowledge, will do nothing but repeat the Religious Messages over and over again. At the moment, the channel of everyone is connected to the Mechanical System. From there, they will receive the Information of more Advanced Dimensions.
Friends who have connections with the Spiritual Plan can never make further progress if they can not disconnect themselves from the Medium which they are sympathized with. The nature of the Messages You receive will change in proportion with the Consciousness You attain.
We have mentioned the Truth to You in numerous Messages. Those who train You first are Your Friends of the Divine Realm. You reached Us through them. However, from now on, prepare Your subsequent Knowledge in accordance with the Unknowns. Then You will receive Messages of better quality.
On this path, all the branches of Art will help You. The Press, the Radio, TV., Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Theatre, Opera, Ballet, and Cinema always convey the Messages to You. Music and Concerts are helpful to You in another way. Their Vibrations are effective on Your Cells.
Your Consciousness Codes which become richer by these channels will comprehend the Messages given to You more easily. Train Yourselves and attain Consciousness on this path. Maybe You can not become an Edison or an Einstein, but You can add something to the Public Consciousness.
If You can not help Us, We can not do anything either. We have only unveiled the Skies and We now want to give all the Information. We bow down with Respect in front of Our Friends who can receive them.