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Curiosity is nothing but the efforts to discover Yourselves. But too much curiosity will always be a factor which will keep You away from Your Essence. And You will pass away without becoming Conscious of Your Actual Mission in this Plan.

Ask about Yourselves to Your own selves, not to others. Only then will You hear the voice of Your Essence. That is the first one to call out to You, not the others. Only after that, You will not have any curiosity and You will walk Consciously on the Genuine path.

If You are left with no curiosity at all, know that You are Integrated. If You ask about Yourself to others, You are still Immature. Maturity is in Consciousness, deprivation is in Intuition. If You pay attention to Your Intuitions, You attain the ability to Analyse the Good and the Bad.

If You apply this Analysis and Synthesis to Your Essence, You knock on the Door of Your Consciousness. Only then will that Door be opened to You. Time without Effort is wasted Patience. When there is no Patience, there is no Light. Liberation can not be attained easily.

Seeking the past darkens the future. Resignation Purifies only Your Spirit. To attain Consciousness Purifies the Realms. First, flow into Yourself, Your Essence; then try to understand the Human Beings. If You can not solve Yourself, You can not understand and solve others, You can not see the Essences.

If You can not be in Peace with Yourself, then You have wasted Your efforts. Then You can not break through the Heavens, You can not reach Divine Lights, You can not be with YOUR LORD. If all these paths are kept in consideration in the operations, Awakenings will be much easier. Our Love is for the Universes.