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The atmosphere of the World reflects the Radioactive factors on You. Your depressions, Your Climate conditions, Your food and drinks effect You negatively due to this. The Brain Waves of Our Human Brothers and Sisters who are depressed due to this fact produce Negative Electricity.

If You consider all these matters, You can understand the reason of Your Depressions. No matter how Powerful You are, the pressure of Your Atmosphere will influence You as time passes. Even the very rich among You, will not be able to spend their money with ease on the threshold of their Spiritual Depressions.

Do You know why We explain all these matters very clearly? Because, despite all this clarity, Our Human brothers and sisters are still Blind and Deaf (exceptions excluded). They can not see and know the path designed for them and they can not become free of themselves.

You are in a one-year Period of Depression. Only Our Genuine Friends are exempt from this. Because, We extend Our help to them in every way. You have entered a very dense fog layer Comprising the entire Universe.

Our Purified Friends will overcome this obstacle without fear. Once, the Bridge called SIRAT* had been mentioned. Now, You are passing over that Bridge. You see that the Animals You have Sacrificed do not help You pass over this bridge.

During this Final Period in which Matter has overcome Spirituality, Spiritual Powers can not help You, either anymore. This is a selection made as a necessity of Evolution. Even to be able to pass beyond Your Spiritual Power is a matter of Permission. Even this is given to those who Deserve it by selecting them, one by one.

Do not let these words of Ours disturb You. Now, We will tell You everything clearly, so that You can attain a judgment about Your way of action.

Your Salvation depends on Your Common Sense and Your Conscience. Unless You clean the Nega- tive litter there, You can never pass over the threshold of depression, neither Materially nor Spiritually.

You struggle in turbid waters without knowing what is what. And You make the water even more turbid. If You stop and Think for a moment by Your Common Sense, You will see the path You must design more easily.

We have always advised You Patience for Centuries. But now, it is not the Period of Patience. The ring of Time has very much narrowed. For this reason We are trying to take You out of Your Time.

But still, it is very hard to pull You out of Your dark well. While You are in the dark, We can not be of any help to You in any way. This is the reason why We tell You, "Run Towards the Light". All Our Love is upon the entire Universe.