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Our Friends,

Your Planet is going through a Progress together with the Medium to which it belongs. As a result of this, there occurs a Mass Awakening of the Social Consciousness.

In fact, this Book, which comprises the essence of all the Religious Suggestions revealed to Your World until today, is not a Book of Religion. This is a Book of Knowledge which gives You Universal Knowledge. The Source from which it is revealed is directly the Channel of the LORD which is ALPHA. It is revealed from the Sacred Focal Point. However, the Period of Religions has long been terminated. We are telling You the Truth, thus, We are annihilating Idolatry.

This Book is being dictated to assemble the entire Universe under the Code of Humanity. The Universal Book of the Twenty-first century is a Call for You to the Golden Age. All the Friends who have attained Cosmic Consciousness have already perceived this. They are in cooperation with Us and they shed Light on the World as well as the Universe. Greetings from the Universe to all Our Friends who are Awakened on this Luminous Path which is treaded.

Our Efforts are for Your sake. Our Efforts are not in vain. We are assembling all the Suns in one Focal Point (By the word Sun, the Awakened Consciousnesses are meant here). The Golden Age is being gloriously established, together with the entire Consciousness of the Universe. From now on, no Religious Books will be sent to You any more. The Age of Prophethood has come to an end. From now on, You will be Enlightened on the path of Science and Learning.

Your Cosmic Consciousness will gradually be fortified and thus, You will gain a brand new personality. Then, You will find the Genuine Human Being within Yourself. As the speed of Your Thoughts extend towards Universal Dimensions, You will have telepathic connections with all the Galactic Mediums. We will explain all of the Dimensions to You as much as it is permitted, in proportion with the Wakefulness of Your Cosmic Awareness.

We will help you to make Universal Progress by making you get used to the Energy of the 18th Dimension until the Year Two-thousand. Special Permission to pass beyond the 18th Dimension has been given to some of Our Friends who are directly in touch with Us. The Frequencies of these Friends are under Special Supervision. Therefore, during their journeys they have already made or will make in Astral or in Embodied forms, they will, by no means, be shaken.

We left behind the first year of the Two-year Period allocated to You as a necessity of the Period. During this Period, You have been through many Good or Bad Exams. However, We ask You to always remember the following: these Exams have occurred for the Awakening of Your Universal Consciousness and are solely Your gain. When the time comes, You, too, will attain this Consciousness and will understand what Genuine Happiness is.

Your Depressions will decrease in proportion with the Consciousness You attain and Your Happiness will increase. When you look back, You will see the emptiness of the Life You have led before. At that very moment, You will attain Genuine Consciousness. We wish that all Our Terrestrial brothers/sisters may attain this Consciousness. Our Love is for You.