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In the Evolutionary Books which the Supreme Missionaries, who serve in the System as the establis-hers of the Divine Orders and Divine Places, have conveyed to You, the Total Will is mentioned as the Will of Totality.
However, the particles of this Total Will are each a Partial Will distributed to each Person. This Will is also qualified as a Universal Power which pushes You towards Connection Mediums with more Advanced Dimensions than Your Medium of Quest.
Since all Your Sacred Books which were conveyed to You carry the Frequency of the same Totality, they Unify with Your Partial Will which is a Particle of that Totality and prepare You by this means. This preparation is an Instinctive Impulse. And it becomes substantiated as a result of Your efforts. The Goal is to make You attain Yourself.
Your Individual Will which is the Essence of Your Self, is, in fact, within the Universal Totality. By the Administrative Power of the Partial Will, You attain Your Individual Will.
Because, even if You come by claiming Your own selves to Your planet which is a Field of Veiled Consciousness, there is the necessity of acting in conformity with the Ordinance of the System. You live in Your World with a Veiled Consciousness until Your Evolutionary Consciousness become equivalent to the Consciousness of Time.
The moment the Evolutionary Consciousness Unifies with the Consciousness of Time mentioned above is the Dimension in which one says, 'GOD, I AM!'. In order for You to attain this, Your Individual Will should supersede Your Partial Will. That is, You should be transferred from the Medium of Quest to Your Essence Being and You should attain it.
The Computer Timing of the present which We call the Dimension of, 'God, I am', is a circuit which makes You attain Your Self. The Technological Dimension has kept this supervision under control in all the past Periods, too, and has Unified the Circuits.
This is a Program of Progress and Deserving. After You deserve this, You are rendered effective by the Divine Plan's Technological Dimension and You dive into the Infinite Awareness. Afterwards, You deserve to receive the very Supreme Information.
In the Universal Ordinance, the Operational Order is always established on the Triple Ordinance. Partial Will Unifies with Individual Will and by the help of the Technological System, You attain the Universal Totality.
PARTIAL WILL: is an Involuntary Effort which tries to make You attain Your Self by taking You into the Medium of Purification and which makes You attain the Godly Dimension. Sooner or later You reach the Destination if You walk on the path designed for You.
INDIVIDUAL WILL: This Will of Yours helps You both in the World and in the Spiritual Realm. To reach the Destination means to take Your own self which is within the Universal Totality to Yourself.
Then You become a Book. You dive into the Infinite Awareness of the Total Will and You attain the Unknown. This is a Triplet of System - Ordinance - Principle. It is presented for Your Information.