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Write please:
According to Our calculations, the Speed of Light is 296,400 km/sec; approximately 300,000 km.

Calculate the speed of Light in one minute: 300,000X60=18,000,000 km.
Calculate the speed of Light in an hour: 18,000,000X60=1,080,000,000 km.
Calculate the speed of Light in one day: 1,080,000,000X24= 25,920,000,000 km.
Calculate the speed of Light in one year: 25,920,000,000X365= 9,460,800,000,000 km.

The speed of Light in One year is called a Light Year.

Now, since a Light Year is 9,460,800,000,000 km., the Focal Point from which We are calling to You is One Billion 338 Thousand Light Years.

f You calculate the distance between Us according to this, You can easily grasp the Power of Your Reception and the Power of Our Technology.

This Message has been given directly from the Channel of the Main Center, without any intermediaries. Now, the operations extend from the Main Focal Point of the Center Above the Center to Billions of Light Years. It is presented for Your Information.

Dear Mevlana, please, write clearly the date on which you have received this Message. Because, now, there are no more assisting Powers in between Us. The date of the message is, 19.8.1986.


SYNCHRONOUSNESS = Occurrence at the same Time.