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Our Friends,


Superiorities and Attachments are Locks covering Your Essence-Consciousnesses and causing not to open the Advanced paths. Your Sacred Books which have called to You from the Skies until today, have been revealed as a Proof of These Days and for Your Purification.

Each Celestial Book heralds the one which comes next. Just so, the good news about the coming of Our Light-Friend who had been the heralder of Islam had been given in the New Testament. And in the Koran, the Book of Islam, the coming of these days had been announced. The Collective Knowledge of all the Sacred Books have been converged in Resurrection and in the Single-God-Consciousness. In the Book of Islam, it has been said, "Such a day will come when everyone will become Islam". Here, We would like to clarify an interpretation which has been misunderstood.

Christianity and Muslim Religion are each a Religion, a Doctrine. Those who appropriate to themselves these Religions are called Christians and Moslems. The expression ISLAM has been used for the Genuine Human Being. Koran, the Book of Islam, is the Book of Humanity. In fact, it has nothing to do with Religion.

When Koran had been accepted as the Final Sacred Book, in that Period Humanity was not aware yet of the fact that Islam and this was a Book which would reveal the Genuine Human Beings by its Frequency which has a training and a constructive characteristic for those who appropriate to themselves the Islam and who consider it as a Religion.

When it is said that one day the whole World will become Islam, it does not mean that everyone will accept the Moslem Religion. Do not misunderstand this saying, do not misinterpret it.

Your Prophets who were the Divine Messengers of the Divine Authorities, were each a Missionary of Enlightenment. The Books they have written do not belong to them. Those Books are the Commands of God conveyed to You from a very Supreme Level of the Firmament. In the Universal Dimensions, the meaning of Islam is GENUINE HUMAN BEING.

Now, We have disclosed the Truths to Your entire Planet. And We still disclose them towards the unknowns. Now, We assemble everyone under the Roof of Humanity through Love, Brotherhood, Tolerance and Godly Consciousness. This is the very TRUTH and RESURRECTING mentioned in the Book of Islam.

Now, this KNOWLEDGE BOOK is opening the Gates of the Unknown Horizons to Your Planet by giving You the Good News of the morrows. And it is projecting the entire Truth in accordance with each Consciousness, each Point of View.

There is cruelty, there is suffering in Societies in which the word ISLAM is misunderstood. Humanity which has the Consciousness of attaining the Truth as soon as possible is making all the Efforts it can on this path. (Those who can reach Us). We are very easily in contact with these Friends. And We Enlighten them on this path by the same subjects, We correct the misinterpretations.

Let Us repeat again, the word Islam should never be evaluated in accordance with Religious assessments and Views. THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is dictated at the moment, is dictated through the very Advanced Frequencies of the Religious Dimensions.

Missions of Friends whose Consciousness Channels are opened during this Final Age are extremely great. Celestial Messages received by everyone are for Proving the Knowledge Book to the Public consciousness which We reveal in order to announce the Truth to Your Planet. The Messages at present are distributed Fascicule by Fascicule and are preparing everybody for the Dimension of Salvation.

Your Planet is not yet aware of the way in which the KNOWLEDGE BOOK is training Humanity. It is a Light which carries the Frequencies of all the Sacred Texts. And it takes You into the Program of Progress much more speedily than Your Sacred Books which have been trying to prepare You for Centuries.

For this reason, all the educative staffs in Your Planet carry the responsibility of the Knowledge Book. To attain this Consciousness, to be Unified in a Whole, is a must for Humanity.

Evaluations which will be made by emphasizing the personalities will be the disappointment of Humanity. Service is for the SINGLE, it is for the Realms, for the Cosmoses. It is desired that everyone should be assembled in this Consciousness. This Message has been dictated as an answer for the Signals of Thought received. It is presented for Your Information.