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You do not know yet the actual nature of extraordinary events, no matter how developed Your techniques may be. During this Period, Mankind is taking its Exams under various Supervisions. What do You think, these Exams are necessary for? We will inform You about them by clearer Messages. Now, it is not the time for this.


Perceptions You receive are the Waves beyond the Firmament which reflect to the Order of Your World. Your satellites which have united with Our transmitters, have caused Us to approach You even more. But We have found out that most of Our Terrestrial Friends have hesitations about Us due to their conditionings.


And   They are right to feel uneasy, for they feel that they are supervised by many channels. But they should never consider this Supervision as a limitation of Freedom. Because, this is something which should be done as a necessity of the System. It should not frighten You. Let us explain this System to You briefly:


This is a System established to determine the Degenerated parts of the Cosmos and it has been Functioning since the beginning of this Century. Now, in accordance with the Universal Theory, its effect has been extended and it has included Your World in its Functioning Area.


Each Person has a Special camera, a Special Receiving-Transmitting channel. These channels are connected to the Code Keys in that particular person's Private Archive. Everything is recorded automatically. In this manner, Mankind, which had gone through numerous Incarnations, has been recorded in the Archives, under the control of the entire Supervision System.


We had enlightened You until today through this System, by giving You Information through the Evolvement Channel, by keeping You under Religious Supervision for the benefit of Society. However, parallel to egos, making Discrimination between Religions has prevented Mankind from being Integrated.


Today, the Golden Book of the Space Age revealed through the Divine Channel of the (LORD) is obliged to announce the entire Universal Truths to You. Those excluding the friends who are in the extreme darkness of their conditioning understand Us better.


We have always mentioned the Day in which the Heavens would be opened. Now, the Heavens have been opened. We, Your Extra-Terrestrial brothers and sisters, have had special connections with Your World until today, besides Our direct connections with You.


Our Inter-Galactic connections with those who understand Us having Special Frequencies have continued in every Period. From time to time, We had connections with Our Human brothers and sisters in great secrecy. However, since it was forbidden to inform the press about these, they were disseminated in the form of rumors, and Imaginations also being added to them, lots of Fiction have been created.


Now, by the Divine Command, Our Channel of ALPHA which is the direct Channel of the (LORD), has given the permission to Our Anatolian Channel to explain in all clarity, the Religions, all the Progress beyond Religions and Gods to the entire Universe. From now on, clearer Messages will be given to You on every subject. With Our Love.


P. G. A.