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Mankind always serves in accordance with its own Thought. It is uneasy even when it is a little away from its own Medium. All these Efforts are investments for the future.

Do not ever forget that there is always a More Perfect than the Perfect. Some of You forget these and presume that His/Her own way is the most perfect way. Evolvement is not this.

Your Religious Books have mentioned Seven Terrestrial Layers and Seven Celestial Layers. In fact, this is the first boundary of Evolvement. Beyond this, there are such interminable Evolvements that they are Dimensions which the Humans of the World can never comprehend.

For the time being, just try to advance on the Evolvement paths shown to You, Our Friends. The first step is to Love Each other and to Tolerate each other's faults. Our Love is for You.

P. G. A.