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Our Friends,

To know and to learn a thing is surely very nice. However, the Sea of Knowledge is Infinite. You are obliged to drink only what You need out of its water. Hunger increases as one receives Information. We Realize this. Because, each Information opens the door of another Information.

By this means, You dive into the Sea of Knowledge, forming a chain of Information. That sea drowns You if You dive more into it. We do not want to drown You but try to widen Your Universal Views by giving just the sufficient amount of Information.

At the moment, each individual in Your Planet is, one by one, coded into the System like telephone wires. We instantly receive the Thought Signals coming from You and to satisfy You We give You answers by numerous Proofs through various channels and different ways.

Our Purpose is to release You from doubts by this means. However, We also know that no matter how much Information You receive, You will never be satisfied. For this reason Allegiance Consciousness is the surest way of saving You from Negative Thoughts.

In this System surplus Information creates not satiety but hunger. But in the System of Your Planet, since each received Information is organized in accordance with Your Levels of Consciousness, it creates satisfaction and satiety in You.

For this reason We have been giving only the Information as chains of Thought parallel to the World Capacity and the Perception Power. The reason why many of Your questions are not answered is because their answers can not be opened yet to the Public Consciousness.

At the moment, in accordance with the operational System, We are trying to give the answers of the Universal Information in the Knowledge Book as much as possible. By this means, We are giving answers to the Thought signals We receive from Your entire Planet.

If You have not read the Information given formerly in the Book, You will not understand anything from the answer to a particular question. However, when You read the Knowledge Book comprehendingly, You will find the Essence and the Answers of the Information given to the entire World Planet.

For this reason You are told to read it again and again. At the moment, Public Consciousnesses are given priority, so that Information will not be restricted to a certain section. If You wish to receive more advanced Information, then bring the Level of Your Society to the state where they can grasp the KNOWLEDGE BOOK.

Only afterwards, the desired Information may be given to You. Because, the Public Consciousnesses attract this Information in accordance with their Cosmic Powers. For this reason We tell You to spread over to the remotest places. It is presented for Your Information.