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Our Friends,

There is a Power attracting You towards a thing in proportion with how much You desire that thing. For, Powerful Passions are Universal, not Terrestrial. It is a Power remaining beyond the Individual Will power. The cause of this Attraction is Spiritual, not Sexual or Moral.

During the Unification of two People, the Initial Spark is a Lightning jumping from Spirit to Spirit (just like it is with Clouds). The Current of Spiritual Frequencies is very Powerful. As long as it remains in Your Body, You will be no different than a Drunkard or an Insane Person.

If that Current remains with You for a long period of time, then Your Brain Codes are greatly damaged. That is the reason why it is necessary to attract that Current to Earth and ground it. To do this, there is the need for a Third Powerful Current.

And this is an Entity who wants to be Embodied in the World. For this reason, two sexes often feel the need to be together. The two sexes never Desire each other if there is not the influence the Third Power sends.

In Bodily Union, the Sexual Discharge is Your grounding. The final Vibration, the duration of which is an instant, is equivalent to the Energy of a Universe. Because, this Powerful Energy is a must for Your Reproduction Medium. This Energy Unites the Spiritual Energy of the Baby You will attract to the World with the Spiral Energy.

The Energy of the Father is very Powerful Vibrationally. Because, he will saw the Spiritual Energy he has caught into the Mother?s field. His task is this. And the Energy of the Mother is connected to the Code of Godly Love. This Love is only peculiar to the Mother.

In this Love, there are Protectiveness - Compassion and the feelings of Possession. The opposite sexes who do not know the real nature of these subtle Nuances, criticize each other in vain by accusing each other and hurt themselves.

The Male Vibration reaches the most Powerful Vibration only by the Love the Mother gives him. When Grounding is made, that Love, too, is Grounded and the Feelings become neutralized. However, the Love of the Woman is an Infinite Energy. Always She chooses her Man.

She provides this by the Vibrations she sends by the Subconscious. In fact, she is not aware of it at first. If the Vibrations she sends are reciprocated, then that Feeling comes out above the Consciousness. For this reason in accordance with appearance, it is presumed that the first influence comes from the Man.

Those Signals are a Natural answer. In fact, they are neither Sins nor are they Shameful. God has never created anything which is a Sin. Because, You, too, are a part of Nature. Those which restrict You are the rules of Society.

Shame-Sin are nothing but the Conditioning the Training You have had until today has caused.

If the Genuine Human Being trains himself/herself not by the Rules of Society, but by the Perfection of Conscience and if he/she attains Consciousness under the Light of Conscience and thus, disciplines his/her actions and can become Integrated with his/her Personality, only then he/she exhibits Perfection.

Civilized Morals is peculiar to Civilized Human Beings. Corruption of Morals is never considered pleasant in the Total and in the Ordinance of the Cosmoses.

Conditioned Consciousnesses may evaluate Us wrongly in accordance with the Information We Give. However, an Information creates as much curiosity as it remains secret.

Now, We are obliged to declare in all clarity, to You everything You have known until today and will know in future, so that You can attain the Equilibrium of Your Conscience.

All the Friends who posses the instinct of acting in accordance with the Suggestions We have given to You are Consciousnesses who have attained their Genuine Conscience Essences.

If You feel an uneasiness of Conscience in anything You do, then there is surely either something wrong with that matter, or Your Conditionings are shadowing Your Conscience. This is the reason why We say Overcome Your Conditionings and Your Fears.

Your Conscience is Your Genuine Spiritual Guide. However, this situation is valid for Consciousnesses who have claimed the Totality of Genuine Conscience. There is such a perfect functioning Mechanism in Nature that everything goes through that perfect wheel. Your Conscience, too, is a part of this.

Each individual is a Divine Entity created by ALLAH. Mankind has no right to tyrannize Mankind. We always support the Genuine Human Being. We do not let him/her be suppressed by anyone. Let it be known thus.

A Person transcends various Thresholds during each Life Medium. This leads him/her towards the Medium of Quest. And these Quests may inspire him/her towards various paths.

Some dive into Moral Pleasures - some into Divine Pleasures. If those who are inspired towards Moral Pleasures have Low Evolutionary Frequencies, they will never be able to get away from the Medium of Sex.

If their Frequencies are High, then they will get no result from all the doors they knock on and thus, they will be Unhappy. So, those who wander about in Mediums of Quest without knowing what they Search for wish to relax by benumbing their Cerebral Lights by various intoxicants.

Those are, in fact, profound people with High Frequencies. Art is born in this very branch and gives its fruit. These people escape from the World and take shelter within their Essences because, they cannot bear the Shallowness of the World. And they let flow their fruits of the Essence into Art.

Art carries the highest Vibration of the Evolvement Code. Art does not have only one aspect. Each branch has an Art. But the Source is the same.

The Genuine Essence of Art is within Mud. However, the other Arts are connected to the Code of Light. But now, the Art of each branch will be Unified for the same Goal. It is not possible for everyone to attain the Code of Art. And it is not possible for every Artist to enter the Evolvement beyond (7) Dimensions.

But the Artist creates himself/herself in proportion with his/her Creative Power. Then, that person does not need a Book. Because, he/she has become a Book himself/herself. (The Genuine Artists).

The path designed for You by all Your Religious Books You have been devoted to until today, provides the rising of the low Frequencies up to the Code of Evolvement. Only afterwards the Human Being will Learn to Fly by Himself/Herself and will leave his/her nest like a Bird.

Different Mediums by various channels are prepared for everyone who has been able to attain the Philosophical Consciousness beyond Art. In fact, We do not prepare these Mediums. We only hold Hands of Our Friends who have Succeeded in being able to reach Us and who have Transcended themselves. This is a Universal Rule.

The Happiest people are those who are able to find the Dimension they Deserve by their own High Frequencies. They are the competents of Islamic Mysticism who attain Existence in Unity. From now on, more appealing Doors will be opened to them and they will be submerged in Everlasting Bliss.

Only beyond this very boundary the Genuine Missions start. There are such Supreme Authorities even way beyond the Messengers of the Divine Realm who assist You that the very CENTRAL SYSTEM had been established so that You could reach these Mediums.

We easily call to Our Friends who comprehend Us from here and even from way beyond the Central System.

Your Century is not a Century of the Middle Ages and of Lust. It is a Century of Awakening - Enlightenment and Advancement. Now, Humanity should undertake its Genuine Mission by Realizing from where it has come, where it is going and where it will still go.

To Our Friends who grasp the Truth, always Helping Hands will be extended from the final point of the Pyramid. Universes are awaiting You.