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Our Friends,

Now, Information about the Groups will be given to You. Each Focal Point has a Magnetic Aura. The Cosmic Information reflects on these Magnetic Auras as Energy Particles.

These Information projected on Your Entire Planet are all equivalent Information. However, people, being unaware of this, make different interpretations and project the old Information on them without being aware of it.

This is the very factor which separates the Mediums and the People from each other. During this Period of Sincerity, each person is sent to the Focal Points which will help him/her in proportion with his/her Purification, Progress and Conditioning.

Each Focal Point is a Center of Cosmic Reflection. However, each person is not the possessor of Cosmic Awareness, Cosmic Consciousness. Your Planet is showered by Cosmic rains for Centuries. But the speciality of this Period is different.

Entities who are bestowed on Your Planet as Veiled Awarenesses may attain Cosmic Consciousness only after they attain Cosmic Awareness. One first attains Universal Awareness, Universal Consciousness and later attains Cosmic Awareness, Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Awareness is attained by the Religious Teachings given to You directly in connection to the ALPHA Dimension. These are Your Sacred Books. These Books prepare You for the morrows. And these Sacred Books have helped You until this Medium of Resurrection which We call the Period of Sincerity.

The Book of Islam had been revealed as a book of ALPHA-BETA. The New Testament is ALPHA only. The Book of Islam which is called The KORAN had been prepared in the 18th Dimension and had been revealed to Your Planet which is in the third Dimension through the 9th Dimension through which the NEW TESTAMENT had been revealed. Because, the Public Consciousness had been habituated to the Vibrations of only that Frequency until that Period.

With the Last Book and the Last Prophet, all the Religions have come to an end. However, Your Planet, during its final time period of 15 Centuries allotted to You, have been cleansed and Purified by the purifying waves of the 9th Dimension by the help and the Frequency of those who have read these Sacred Books and, by this means, You have been taken into the protection of the LORD.

Now, the situation is quite different. Since it has been felt necessary to make a transition from Cosmic Awareness to Cosmic Consciousness in accordance with the program of Progress and the accelerated Evolutionary Ordinance, Your Planet has been taken into a different Evolutionary Ordinance since the World year 1900 and has been exposed to different Cosmic Currents in order to sprout the seeds in the Essence.

By this means, the gradual transition from Cosmic Awareness to Cosmic Consciousness is being made more speedily. Meanwhile, the Awakened Consciousnesses have been canalized by the Plan, and the Frequencies of the assisting Divine Plan Messengers have been connected to them in accordance with their own Frequencies. And, by this means, the Mediamic Medium has been started in Your Planet.

Your Planet has been divided into different periods in accordance with a Hundred-Year Ordinance of Purification and Accelerated Evolution. The first half of the Twentieth Century was a Preparatory Program. During the first quarter of its second half, the Truths have begun to be gradually explained to the Awakened Consciousnesses. And the Final Period has been decided as the Period of Performance.

By this means, different Missions and Information have been given to each Awakened Consciousness in accordance with his/her Capacity and Frequency Power. And, by this means, Cosmic Focal Points have begun to be established in Your Planet. Now, We are together with You. And We are obliged to explain to You more and more clearly, due to the Scarcity of Time, all the matters which have remained secret until today. Your Efforts are Your rewards.