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Our Friends,

The Information We give to You are not Secrets, but the Truths. The given Messages are Information concerning the Operational Order of the System and the very Advanced Authorities.

Since it has been considered necessary to convey certain Truths for the Public Consciousness in the dictated Knowledge Book, the Lordly Orders and the Universal Ordinances are explained.

The Godly Orders have rendered effective as from the Existential Dimension and have taken their places in the System under the Supervision of the Divine Plans.

The Godly Orders always work Cooperatively with the Operational Order of the very Advanced Dimensions of the Universal Ordinances. However, at the moment, the Veiled Consciousnesses of Your Society, unfortunately, do not have the Capacity to grasp them.

For this reason, the SUPREME MECHANISM getting in touch with You gives the Information to You in accordance with the Level of Consciousness of Your Society.

All Our Terrestrial brothers and sisters who work on the operational path the System considers necessary, are the Solar Teachers who give service Consciously to the Light on the Path of OUR ALLAH in the direction of their Worldly Consciousnesses.

The Essence-Missionaries who will carry the Awareness of the entire Ordinance are under the Security of the System.

During this Final Transition Period the Great Examination of Your Planet has been Started. You will see with Your own eyes that everything will proceed towards the best and You will embrace Your Mission with firmer Consciousness.

The Power of the Years has now been projected on Your Planet. The Book which will be completed by the Fascicules in Your hands at the moment, is the KNOWLEDGE BOOK promised to be given to Your Planet years ago.

And this Book is the Final Salvation Book of Humanity exposed to a 1500-year Program of Progress and it is the Light of the Truth. This Light will now illuminate Your entire Planet.

If the Negativities do not hinder You, Your achievements will become even firmer and You will receive this Power from the Universal Totality. It is presented for Your Information.