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(It is Answer to the Chains of Thought)

Our Friends,

If the beginning of a thing is not known, then its end can not be reached. For this reason, We have been talking to You about the same themes for many years. Now, it is time for everyone to reach a certain Common Thought. That is why We transmit to You all the Truth in all clarity through this Knowledge Book.

Now, the time of Individualism has passed. Now, it is time to Serve the SINGLE, Hand in Hand. The ambitions of becoming Leader has ended. Those who attain the essence of Truth and who serve for the path of Truth will reap the rewards.

During this Period of Sincerity, individual contacts are made one by one by the help of Technological possibilities under the Supervision of a different System. Your Brains have been washed for Centuries by Celestial Commands. However, these Divine Waters have washed some of You and some are still muddy.

To expect perfection from every work done is to see the Human Beings on the same Spiritual Level which is impossible. Because, when there are contradictions even in the Universe, We can not underestimate Natural contradictions. That is why the Technology has taken everyone under special supervision. This process is for the Salvation of both You and Your Planet.

In the Universal Unification, a great Tolerance is dominant for the time being. Mistakes made Unconsciously are kept ineffective for now. Later, they are given, again and again, Three Chances. However, if some of them can not use these chances, they are left out completely.

Certain conditions introduced in the past by Religious Rules are abolished in this Period to introduce some softness. However, this does not mean that You should feel extremely free to do just anything. By this System, a Temperate Period has been rendered effective. However, it is beneficial for You to remember certain characteristics of this System, Our Friends.

Selections made find an application field in the framework of the Commands of the Divine Mechanism. The Exams of Our Friends who have attained Cosmic Awareness, who have discovered their innerselves are more intense so that they can undertake a Mission. We allot Missions in accordance with their Capacities to Friends who do not swerve from the path they have chosen, despite all pressures.

Some Friends perform their Missions Instinctively, even though they do not even know the meaning of Mission. These Friends of Ours are Irresponsible people, even though they are Good-Willed. We advise them not to consider what they do as Missions.

Because, the work they perform is very Natural. There is nothing extraordinary in it. They should not over-emphasize any Event. Genuine Missions are given only to those who will be able to undertake Responsibility. It is Our Duty to declare Our gratitude to all the Friends who serve on this path. Your Gain is associated with the Efforts You make.