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Our Friends,

Until today, the Human Being has searched in other places for his/her God who is Present in him/her. Now, Mankind who has attained Universal Consciousness has met its God, that is, its own Essence in proportion with its Evolvement.

Why are there Religious Integrations during this Period? Why the God?s name is recited always, even in the most evolved Societies? Because, this is a Period of Awakening. Human Being?s finding his/her own self means his/her attaining the Essence of God.

This Human Being who can attain the Genuine Human Consciousness will never again have Malevolent Thoughts, will never Do any Wickedness, he/she will be Purified more and more and will become a Divine Light of God.

Denying Religions and God is a Thought which frightens the Human Being. Because You have been conditioned by different conditions since the time of Existence until today. In fact, to deny Your God means to deny Your own selves.

Until today, Your Sacred Books have Enlightened You in the best of ways. But do not forget that even if the Human Brain seems to be on the same Level, in the same constitution and, even if it is washed by the same Vibrations, still, its Awakening and Evolvement is the Result of the Essence of the Human Beings.

That is why We say, ?God created the Human Being, the Human Being created himself/herself.? The Inequality between Human Beings originates from this fact. The Evolvement Field of a Human Being is exalted, expands and reaches a peak in proportion with his/her Perceptions.

Since You assume that this form of exaltation depends on other reasons, Your Pride, Your Fears, Your Doubts and Your Fanaticism have diverted You away from the Principal and have created Mediums of Taboo. Bigotry is nothing but the subjugation of the Human Being by the Human Being.

During this Period, Your primary Duty is to recognize Yourselves, to know Yourselves. You are a God, You are an Awareness of Universe and a Consciousness. Everything is Concealed in You. During this Period, Mankind is becoming the first spark ITS LORD had created. And this Human Being who will sit on the throne of Consciousness way beyond Religions will, one day, be the Sovereign of the entire Universe.