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Our Friends,

In future, We will prepare very different, Unknown Mediums for You. Happinesses are within Happinesses. However, each experienced distress is a Threshold for the staircase of Happiness. Unless You pass over that Threshold, You can not attain Liberation. Depressions do not ever effect the Devotees of ALLAH in any way.

The Lights filling the Heart of a person who does not assume Superiority never decrease. ALLAH will give Good News to all His Servants. The eyes which see, will see them and those which do not, will be under the influence of Negative Currents. You will personally witness the events which will manifest in a different fashion in each person.

Certain diverse effects of Star Currents may influence Your Constitutions. The Alloys in Your Planet attract the Waves from Electro Magnetic Fields to Your World and they influence both the Natural Order and Your Cellular constitutions.

For the rejuvenation of Cells, certain operations which are considered necessary for a Nucleus will be applied gradually to Human Beings by the Powers unknown to You. Your constitutions will proceed towards the Good and the Beautiful, day by day. You will personally feel and see this. Your health will become Fortified each day.

Certain Influences which will be exerted by Electro Magnetic Waves on the Human Being will cause certain Perceptions. These Perceptions will rejuvenate Your Cellular Phenomenon. By this means, Your Constitutions will be Purified from Universal Negative Factors.

Do not forget that the Messages given until today were not given in vain. Leaps are the Destiny of Your World. We have directly Contacted You for this reason. Those who were selected, were selected, those who are developed, are developed. And, by this means, steps which will be taken towards the future have been Secured.

When the time comes, very Powerful Gates will be opened for You. In the present state of Your World, since all the Living Entities send Negative Currents to the Atmosphere and since these Currents can not pass through the Magnetic Field and return to Your World after they strike this field, due to this fact, Your Depressions augment both Naturally and by the influence of these Negative Currents.

We are trying to disperse this Negativity with all Our Power. All the events are Reflected on all Human Beings in accordance with the Mechanism of Universe. For this reason, We Get in Touch with You directly and explain the Truth.

Mankind carry certain Negative Thought Vibrations with them even when they try to enter the Purification Medium. That is why it is not possible to communicate directly with everyone.

Due to this fact, Communications are Administered and Supervised by the Center for the time being. And the Codes of numerous Frequencies are being cut off for a certain Period. Do not forget that Salvation is Sincerity. And Negativity is Cruelty. Our Love is for the entire Universe.