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Our Friends,

We wonder what You have gained in the framework of the Information, We have given you until today. We wonder how much of what is required of You, You have done. Please, make the Self-criticism of these by Yourselves. And please, read the Fascicules again and again. Then, the Truths You have forgotten will be laid down in front of Your eyes.

At this stage, what We require of You is to shed Light on Society with the Information You have attained. You will see the Truth sooner or later. But if You grasp the Essence of the reason of our calling to You, You will act more Consciously.

As We have said before, an Integrity, a Unity is achieved in the entire Realm by Universal Laws. By a Beautiful Order, which will be established in future, You will live in a Medium in which there will be no malevolence. However, Your Personal efforts on this path for the establishment of the Golden Age will cause You to gain many things.

If these efforts of Yours develop on the Medium of Leadership and Egos, We are not responsible for the Events which will happen. Please, do not accept this as a warning. Now, We are calling out to Friends who amuse themselves with the Information they receive through their Private Channels even though they have attained Cosmic Consciousness.

The Goal is not to Prove Your own Knowledge. It is to Project the Universal Knowledge on Society. Your gain will be on this path. It is beneficial not to forget this. Salvation will be achieved not through Personal efforts but by Mass Calls. It is imperative that You should gain Consciousness on this path of Truth. The Functioning System of the Universal Law is this. Our Call and Love is for all the Universes.