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Our Friends,

In Your Planet in which the Preparation Period for the Sunny Days has been started with great speed, now, Humanity is undertaking and will undertake the Mission of serving Humanity with entirely Humane Feelings.

A Committee of Mass Organization administered by an Organization among all the Planets will get in touch with You more intimately.

Hence, each Individual will increase, with all his/her Power, both his/her Material and Spiritual investments into the Establishment and Salvation Plan of the Golden Age by the projection of the Divine Administration Laws also on the Social Orders.

In this Program in which the entire Humanity is oriented, the Consciousnesses of the Final Age will do everything in accordance with their own Consciences and Essences and will make their Individual Judgments by their Individual Consciousnesses.

Now, the entire Humanity which has entered a Path of Light of no return will shed Light on the morrows by the investments it makes from today. And all the wonderful things Promised to You will be given to You and to those who deserve them. This is a Pledge of GOD.

The Star on the Forehead of everyone will shine, everyone will Realize himself/herself more Consciously and will walk on this path more Consciously.

Meanwhile, fears and negative reactions will increase even more in those who have not seen the Light of Consciousness, Worldly Hells will be experienced through Thoughts which will suffocate them even more. (The System is not responsible for the negativities in Your Planet.)

At the moment, the entire obligation belongs to Humanity and to Human Beings. From now on ALLAH will Directly extend help to everyone who helps his/her brothers and sisters by seeing the Light in them.

In this Medium of Selection, all Consciousnesses are subject to a Program of Progress. However, direct Connections are rendered only with those who leap over the threshold.

From now on, all the Information to be given will be the mutual Information of every channel. By this means, Humanity will Realize the Truth once more, more Consciously.

You will still have Misunderstandings and Testings. These Messages given to You are in the nature of help.

However, this Program which will continue until the Light of Truth is seen transforms into Light the moment it is stepped on the Path of the Truth and thus, Material and Spiritual help will be Prepared for You by Celestial connections.

All the negativities in Your Planet are inversely proportioned. It means that Humanity which is Conscious of this is walking on the straight path. It is presented for Your Information.