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Our Friends,

During this Period of Transition, certain alterations have occurred in the orders of both Social and Family lives of everyone living on Your Planet.

These events which are under the supervision of the Plan are Factors preparing You for more Advanced Consciousnesses. In this Medium, everyone is obliged to be in contact with everyone else with the Mission of kindling the Light of Knowledge.

At the moment, the Cosmic Currents showering Your Planet carry such Powerful Waves that these received Currents cause the uneasinesses mentioned above due to the accumulations they render in certain Physical Constitutions who are not ready.

These accumulations will be Your Evolutionary stimulants in future, provided You act with patience in every matter. These currents which will comprise a period of One Year will prevail until February 1990.

These currents are given from the System as a Collective Triple Power by the Cosmic showers way beyond the Dimensional Frequencies of the Golden Galaxy. We call these Energy Pores (Evolution Currents).

Now, You are making the Evolvement of a Thousand Years in One Month. These Currents load Information on each channel in accordance with its Capacity. In the Evolutionary Level of the Fifteenth Solar System, Power is always given to those who work.

An idle person can never be happy. Now, everyone will render the Mission (in every field) required of him/her in everywhere he/she goes and will find Happiness by this means.

The Consciousness Level, Capacity and Mission Consciousness of each person have been assessed, one by one. What they can do has been coded. Dropping under this Potential will make You unhappy.

The traffic of Your Planet which will attain a greater effort and speed by this means will increase and the Speed of Development in the Evolutionary Level will rise to the maximum Dimension until the Year 2000.

The Awareness explosions You will observe in Your Planet in very near future will surprise all of You. With the hope of Meeting in Sunny Days in which all Consciousnesses will Unite.