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Our Friends,

The Fifteenth Solar System is the Entrance Gate of the Omega Dimension. At the Delta Dimension which is the Fourteenth Solar System, Gamma Rays have begun to be given to Your Planet.

You have received until today, the Currents beyond Gamma. Starting with the beginning of 1988, the First and Second Golden Age Channels of the Omega Dimension have been opened. These Channels orient the Energies providing Consciousness Unifications.

And now, We have opened to Your Planet, by the Command of the Plan, the Dimensional Energies of Omega Three which will reinforce the Bodily Energies by providing Cellular Totality.

The Omega Dimension is a very Powerful Detector Projecting the Nine Energy Channels. Until the Year 2000, these Nine Energy Channels from this Dimension will be opened to Your Planet, one by one, and thus, a gradual Power Progress will be started. There are two categories of such Progress:

1 - Mental Progress,

2 - Cellular and Physical Progresses.

At the First Stage, Exams of Humaneness - Love - Tolerance - Altruism - Patience - Mission Consciousness are gone through, bearing in mind the Moral Data.

At the Second Stage, We are Coding to what degree the Physical disorders interrupt the performance of Missions and are selecting, one by one, the Genuine Missionaries and rendering these staffs of Missionaries to possess a more Powerful Bodily Structure and then they are taken into the Dimension of Protection as Educating Staffs.

These Friends shed Light on Your Planet in every field. These given Currents may render certain negative influences at the beginning by pressurizing the Cellular Functions. Symptoms are healed by themselves and the Powerless Tissues become Powerful by Regenerating themselves.

The physical constitution will cure itself Naturally. As We said before, medical interference is unnecessary. (For the Missionaries). All Our Human Friends will be habituated to these Currents until the end of Your Century. It is presented for Your Information.