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Our Friends,

The Golden Age is an Investment made into Centuries. Each Reformic Order is a Golden Age. However, the characteristic of this final Transition Period is a Mass Awakening and now, Your Planet is living through this very Final Consciousness Period.

Those who had established the Divine Orders of the Divine Plans help Your Planet through numerous different channels so that everyone may attain a certain level of Consciousness.

Depressions Your Planet goes through at the moment which has arrived at the Consciousness Progress of today, beginning with Periods much earlier than Your Sacred Books are the Birth Pains of this Final Age.

For this reason, We presume that all Worldly establishments and Humanity serving in a Difficult Program of Progress have now attained the Consciousness of what the point is from which the Phenomenon called RESURRECTION originates.

Your Planet which has lost many of its qualities from the Material, Spiritual and Natural viewpoints is receiving help from Authorized Powers to be restored again.

The extraordinary events experienced since the past until the present and all the events to be displayed to You will Unify Your Planet in a very short time in the Consciousness of the Truth.

Extremely Happy Morrows are awaiting Your Planet which will attain Cosmic Totality if it is not said for me, for You, for Him/Her. Our Love is for all the Universes. It is presented for Your Information.