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Our Friends,

We have gradually opened the Currents of the Channel of Omega Three to Your Planet (21-06-1988) which we have avoided giving until today, so that all the Universal Unifications could be provoked by a constructive Focal Point.

You will personally witness the extraordinary events that will occur in Your Planet which will be guided towards an Integration only through these Currents. Let Us mention certain characteristics of these Currents oriented towards Your Planet by the Special Commands of the Plan.

These are Currents carrying Supernatural influences, creating an influence parallel to the Natural Equilibrium and they can create certain alterations in climate conditions and on Natural Equilibrium.

In physical constitutions not habituated to these Currents, some pain centers can be provoked. However, this is not continuous. These Currents comprising Three-day periods will be given until the end of February, 1989, by these intervals.

Shock Waves of Knowledge and Consciousness specially given until today, have now been oriented towards Your Planet with a different type of Energy. These are the Currents which will increase Your Cellular Resistance being influential on Cellular Forms.

These Currents, also accepted as a kind of Engraftment, may create cramps by influencing the most Vulnerable places in the Physical Constitutions. There is nothing to worry about.

The physical constitution will, in time, regenerate itself and will overcome the sickness. It is not a medical matter. It is a Natural method. Each pain will Strengthen the Cell in question in accordance with its degree of sensitivity and thus, more positive results will be taken.

Our Friends, during this Last Transition Period, For Your own good, when You see the results of events which, for the moment, seem malicious to You, only then will You grasp the Truth and will understand that You have never been deceived.

Since it was desired that this Message should specially be given to You, it has been conveyed as an Information through the channel of Omega Three.