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(It is Answer to the chains of Thought)

Our Friends,

Coding is a statistical register of the given Information. By this means, the Consciousness, the Level of Knowledge, the Frequencies of Perception and of Comprehension of each person are registered to the computers here and, by this way, a classification among People is made.

Since each Level of Knowledge will be elevated by being enlightened through his/her own Medium, Mediums are prepared in which whatever Knowledge there is at the base of that person will sprout.

First, on this path the Self-Satisfaction of the Human Being in question is provided. Later, his/her own Self-Confidence is prepared. And to provide this Self-Confidence, he/she is made to go through numerous Miraculous Events, both in Dreams and in Life and numerous Proofs are given.

Meanwhile, by the influence of the Cosmic Currents received, the Ego of the person in question becomes inflated. Only when he/she discovers his/her own self, the dregs in him/her begin gradually to sink to the bottom.

After that, if he/she has not attained the desired Religious Fulfillment, he/she dives into the Religious Dimensions through Ecstasy. Meanwhile, he/she begins to radiate his/her Power to his/her surroundings (as Healing). And, from then on, he/she serves completely on the Path of God. He/She learns to Help and to become Socialized.

Only then, he/she attains the Consciousness of what all these efforts are and goes through the Exams of becoming Missionaries by his/her Realization - Logic - Consciousness Triplet. Only after succeeding in this Test, he/she attains the Truth and continues his/her Genuine Mission by his/her Terrestrial Consciousness.

Meanwhile, through the Universal Unifications made, the Contacts increase, only afterwards, he/she performs the Missions given to him/her Consciously and in Awareness. These phases gone through are for the Newly Awakened Consciousnesses.

There are also Friends who come with Open Awarenesses and awakened Consciousnesses, who directly embrace their Missions without noticing, without realizing, and do whatever they have to do without any objections.

These Friends overestimate the Friends who go through the stages We have mentioned above. And feel sorry that they can not be like them. For this reason certain Friends become absorbed in different Mediums of Quest and cease to do their Genuine Missions.

They do not know that a person who directly undertakes such a Mission has gone through the stages mentioned above in his/her previous lives or even much earlier. And now, by these operations, the newly Awakened Friends are induced to be rendered like them, too.

There is no discrimination in Missions. Not all the Missions are Celestial and Divine. The Terrestrial Missions, too, are carried out by Your Powers. You deserve to enter more advanced Dimensions also by means of the Terrestrial Duties You perform.

If You are considered Deserving, You are rendered to make operations for Preparational Periods. By this means, the Instinctive Impulses lead You, without Your being aware of it, towards matters You do not know.

In this Medium of Quest, You automatically feel the hunger for the Information suited to whatever You need and You read many books. By this means, You live intimately in numerous Spiritual Mediums and deserve to receive more Advanced Information.

By this means, You clamp the rings of the Evolvement chains to each other. Each person makes advancement and transcendence in accordance with his/her own Consciousness Level. The Mission of each person is determined by the Plan. Personal efforts are in vain. The Missions are allotted according to the Lights in the Essences. It is presented for Your Information.