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Our Friends,

The KNOWLEDGE BOOK is a Book of clarion call from the Universal Totality to the Ordinance of all the Cosmoses. Every Book carries Information. However, every Book is not this KNOWLEDGE BOOK.

The reason why this Book is called the Knowledge Book is that it is the Summary of the Actual KNOWLEDGE BOOK carrying the entire Frequencies of the DIMENSION OF TRUTH and assembling the chains of the Realms into a Universal Totality.

Please, do not confuse this Cosmic Book of Light with the 600 Cosmic Books which had been dictated or are being dictated to Your Planet at the moment.

The application of this Final Age Program is valid in all the Universal Ordinances. The direct Cosmic Projection Focal Point of Your Planet is ALPHA. At the moment, 600 Books are being dictated to the Planet Earth through the Channel of Alpha.

Some of those Books are brief. Now, let Us explain to You the reason of dictating those Books. These Books comprise numerous different Information and are dictated from the Reality Totality directly through Alpha Dimension.

However, in each of these 600 Books, either the KNOWLEDGE BOOK is directly mentioned, or a ciphered explanation about this Book is given. (Interpretations are left to You.)

However, these Books will both prove their own Dimensions and will prove the Knowledge Book. Appointed time is short. Time is scarce. For this reason, at present, a Program prepared in accordance with the Program of UNIVERSAL COSMOLOGY is applied on Your Planet.

First Exams of Our Terrestrial brothers and sisters who will deserve the Right to Live in a brotherly/sisterly World are possible only by their getting in harmony with a Tableau of Universal Unification.

This is the reason why in order to Unite Our Terrestrial brothers and sisters whom the Religions have divided until today under this Universal Roof, all the Truths are dictated to Your Planet from the DIMENSION OF THE MEVLANA UNIFIED FIELD through the Pen of Dear Mevlana by the COSMOS FEDERAL ASSEMBLY of the UNIFIED UNIVERSAL ORDINANCE COUNCIL through a Special Channel of the Council under the name of the KNOWLEDGE BOOK.

Humanity Unified in "SINGLE GOD" Consciousness according to the Religious Belief is now being Unified in accordance with the "SINGLE BOOK". This Knowledge Book presently being completed by the Fascicules, will complete its Second volume in the Year 1989 and will begin the Third volume.

This BOOK OF TRUTHS is a Book explaining in all clarity all the Truths Your Planet did not know until today. And this Book is the Single Volume of the Five Books revealed to Your Planet until today through the Sacred Dimension.

In this Book, besides all the Frequencies of THE OLD TESTAMENT - THE NEW TESTAMENT - THE KORAN - THE PSALMS OF DAVID - THE PHILOSOPHIES OF THE FAR-EAST, the  Direct Frequency of the MIGHTY ENERGY FOCAL POINT is also accumulated in a CONCENTRATED form and it has been bestowed on Your Planet by its attribute of Sacredness having been removed.

In fact, this Book is a Sacred Book. However, the Channel of Sacredness is a matter belonging to the Dimension of training. Those who Transcend this Dimension are taken into the Dimension of Truth and in this Dimension the attribute of Sacredness of all the Books are removed and all Truths are projected on You only then.

At the moment, Your entire Planet is taken into the Dimension of Truth and is awakened as a Mass in a Medium of Cosmic Awakening in order to take its place in the Universal Ordinance. This Period of Awakening will not be too long.

However, there will be certain selections among Consciousnesses who have been Awakened but who could not grasp the Truth. Then, the very Cosmic Resurrection of Your Planet will be on the peak.

The UNIVERSAL ORDINANCE COUNCIL holding all these things under Supervision takes under a great protection, Friends who have grasped the Truth and has connected their Frequency Dimensions to a different POWER DIMENSION and this will, one day, be the ALARM of Your Planet.

We, the Universal Guards of the Dimension of Salvation observe You from every Dimension. Proving Our Power would belittle Us. For this reason We are expecting You to Grow up and come to Us. And We bring His LIGHT to Your Planet by OUR LORD's Command. It is presented for Your Information.