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Our Friends,

You know that the Rainbow has Seven Colors. Each one of these Colors represents a different Power. Now, let Us introduce these Powers to You, one by one.

1 - The First Power of the Spectrum is a Power Nature knows but Humanity does not know. It is called the Power of Vibration. This Power has been given to introduce the Electrical Energy Power to Your Planet.

2 - The Second Power is the (Oton - Teutron) Power which is utilized in Inter-Stellar trips and which is more Powerful than Light. This Power is used to go easily from one star to another.

3 - The Third Power is the Cosmic Power used for altering the Atomic structure. This Energy is the Energy of Evolution. It is given to Your Planet Continuously. This Power has been concentrated in certain substances in Your Planet. We can give Granite among rocks as an example to this. By this Power, Lead is easily transformed into Gold or any Substance into another. However, its formulas of Utilization are in the Command of the Divine Plan.

4 - The Fourth Power is the Power of Timing. Here, Speed of Universal Thought is utilized. And by this means, Progress in Time is made. The Lords of Time use this Power.

5 - By means of the Fifth Power, one passes to Dimensional Times.

6 - Sixth Power; just as it is possible to Alter the Atomic structure of a substance, by means of this Power also its Spiritual Structure can be changed. The Event of the Spiritual Energy?s Transformation by Evolutionary Progress and Progress in Consciousness - Progress in Thought occur with the help of this Power.

7 - This Power is called the (Karen) Power. This is a Godly Power. The actual direct Energy of this Power is Concealed from all the Systems. Only through Thought, one can attain this Power. However now, parallel to the Accelerated Evolution Program, Humanity attracts this Power through Cells, too, by the help of the Cosmic Influences, in accordance with their Capacities. It is presented for Your Information.