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Our Friends,

The Golden Age is a Program to be rendered effective in the desired Level in the 23rd Century. Your Planet is obliged to go through two more Cosmic Ages until it arrives at this Period. Because, it is not easy at all for Consciousnesses who have become deeply-rooted until today to break their chains and to grasp the Truth.

For this reason Your Planet still needs time. The first thing required of Humanity which will lay the foundations of the World State to be created by a Brotherly/Sisterly World Totality is the Unification of Consciousnesses who have been divided by Religious discriminations.

Since the Consciousness - Love - Himself of (THAT SUPREME ONE) Whom You evaluate as ALLAH is Single, then His Sacred Books which are (His Words) are also Single.

In future years, all these Suggestions will be offered to Humanity as a SINGLE Book. Now, since the Period of Sacred Texts have come to an end, from now on, all the Truths will be projected on Humanity through Science and Learning.

The Golden Age will be, during the Morrows, the Heralder of a Medium in which Happy People will live in a Brotherly/Sisterly World Totality and which will shed Light on You in accordance with the SINGLE GOD - SINGLE ORDER - SINGLE SYSTEM - SINGLE BOOK.

However, until You arrive at the Golden Age which has been yearned for, there are more Thresholds Your Planet will Transcend. For this reason Three Cosmic Ages have been given for Your Planet. Each Cosmic Age comprises a CENTURY. Your first Cosmic Age had been rendered effective by the 1900 Accelerated Evolution Program and is about to complete its Program.

The Second Cosmic Age comprises the 21st Century, and the Third Cosmic Age includes the 22nd Century. The Beginning date of the desired Golden Age will start with the 23rd Century and will include a Period of 7 Centuries.

There are (5) Scales in the Preparatory Program of the Golden Age. Each Scale comprises an Age. Now, let Us write them in sequence:

1. The Preparatory Age: This Age comprises the Period of Sacred Books.

2. The Awakening Age: This is the Dimension of Transition You are still going through and the Period Called RESURRECTION which has been declared to You in the Sacred Books until today.

3. The New Age: Two Cosmic Ages will experience this Period. Here, You will go beyond the Periods to which You have been habituated and thus, the Period of Attaining the Unknown - Working - Researching - Reaching Realization will become effective.

4. The Golden Age: This Age comprises the life of a Period of 7 Centuries after the 23rd Century. During this Period, direct Realization of Universal Awareness and Unification will be rendered in accordance with Unity and Totality and thus, You will witness the presence of a Mechanism - System - Godly Order - Reality not yet understood in Your Planet, but which We try to introduce and thus, You will open wings Consciously towards the Unknowns.

5. The Age of Light: This Age which will become effective after the 30th Century is called the Age of Light. There, from then on, directly the Order of ALLAH is in Effect. Humanity prepared on this path until today, will, from then on, take their places Effectively as directly the System's Essence Staff Members. The Reality of the Unified Humanity will become Ineffective after this Period and will transfer all its authority to the Order of ALLAH.

6. The 30th Century is the beginning of a very beautiful and different Age and is the First Step of the Age of Light. This Age will include a Period comprising 9 Centuries. The Humanity of this very moment will be the Human Being of these lengthy Periods.

This is the very reason why Your Planet goes through a Cosmic Progress together with the Medium to which it belongs as a preparation for these days. By this Program of Progress, the Social Consciousness of Your Planet is being Awakened as a Mass according to Capacities.

These Awakenings are a preparation for the Golden Age. Your Mediamic Age has been started by the Celestial Information given to channels opened according to degrees of Awakening. And now, by these means, all Truths are conveyed to Humanity in all clarity.

Time is extremely Scarce, Conditions Strenuous. This Period is the Harvesting Period of the Seeds sown Centuries ago. The Golden Age expected for Centuries will be established by a new Order. It is presented for Your Information.