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Our Friends,

Consciousnesses who walk on the path of the immutable rules of the Divine Plans are directly at the Protective Dimension of ALLAH.

However, in the Schedule of Passing to more Advanced Plans, the Consciousness Light of the Human Totality should attain the Consciousness of Sainthood. This term Sainthood is used for the more advanced Scales of the Evolutionary Dimensions.

The Class of Sainthood has been divided into 10 Scales, They are assessed according to their Consciousness Lights. For example: At the moment, We consider Our Conscious Friends who have attained Cosmic Awareness in Your Planet as Saints.

However, there are, very naturally, Evolutionary differences between the Sainthood Consciousness of the 10th and the Sainthood Consciousness of the 1st Level. For this reason Your Planet is a field of life in which the views of contradictory Consciousnesses are exhibited.

During this Dimension of Transition, the Evolutions of these Stages should be made, one by one, in order to reach Us. This is the reason why the Mevlana Supreme Plan has been rendered effective during this Evolutionary Transition and the Mevlana Consciousness has been accepted as criterion as the Final Evolution Step.

In this Evolutionary Dimension, besides being Integrated with the Essence, one is also Integrated with the Word and with the Eye. This is the reason why Love - Tolerance - Patience and Sunny Consciousnesses are always expected of You.

Passions and feelings of Possession are fetters put on Humanity's feet. No one is anyone's Slave or Servant.

In order to attain Humane Consciousness, first the Totalities of FAMILIES which We rendered effective as Micro Unifications, then SOCIAL Totalities which We rendered effective as Macro Unifications are each in effect as the chart of Your Evolution Scales. Social and Family-wise behaviors are each a mirror of Your Evolutions.

If Individuals and Social Totalities, attaining their Free Consciousnesses and Personalities each day by the Cosmic influences given to Your Planet, can not receive the Evolutionary Energies given from the same Dimension, Great Chaos will be experienced in every section of Your Planet .

We only send You the Influences. The one who will benefit from this is the Individual's Own Self and his/her Essence. Each Consciousness receives these Influences in accordance with his/her Evolution. Everyone is Integrated with the Influence of the Dimension he/she deserves. This is a matter of Evolution.

During this Accelerated Evolution Program, everyone is obliged to walk on his/her own Light. No one can Intercede for Anyone else. At the moment, Humanity is sharing the Consciousness of a Dimension beyond Intercession by the Powerful Influences given to Your Planet.

And one can pass to the Dimension beyond intercession only by relinquishing all Passions. Numerous Suns have been sown into Your Planet. However now, the Time has come for Those Suns to Know how to Radiate. It is presented for Your Information.