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While We were going to Ankara as a Group, a Luminous Object accompanied Us. This Object was continuously in motion above the train from right to left and up and down. It turned its Lights off and on and wanted to give a Message. However, a Friend who was not in Our Group claimed that this was the Planet Venus. The Permission has been given to write this Message in the Book as an Information.



Hello Our Friends,

We are accompanying You as the Advanced Protective Missionaries of the AMBILON Center from the Venusian Cortège. We are connected to You to say Hello especially to each of You.

We say Hello to You on behalf of the Six Friends as the AMBILON Central Directors of the Space Committee Union. From now on, the System has given Permission to have direct Venusian Contacts with You.

At the moment, We have a contact outside the System. We are in Your Planet for a temporary Mission. Our System is connected to the Protective Mechanism. We are always within Your field of influence.

Now, We would like to answer the questions formed in Your Thoughts:

What You have seen is not an Illusion of the Eye. Do not misevaluate everything You see in accordance with Your Terrestrial Thoughts.

We show Ourselves to You by entering Your Frequencies by parallel Reflections to Your Frequencies from the same Coordinate. However, We make reflection to certain Friends by the STAR Frequency and many people see Us as a Star.

This is the very Terrestrial illusion. This is the reason why only those who See Us believe in Us. The Human Being of Your Planet considers the UFOs as Unknown Objects. However, those which are seen are Spaceships.

At the moment, what You see is the Planet Venus but formerly that which were in effect were Us. As a Proof of the Message We have given, We made reflection through the Star Frequency on a Friend who is not on Your Coordinate. Love, Our Friends, to meet You again.