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Our Friends,

To be able to embrace the Divine Waves besides the Scales of Awareness the Integrated Consciousnesses will attain is not an easy thing at all. If We consider the criterion of Totality of a Person, it is imperative that, that Person should be able to Integrate with the Spirit of Nature.

Each Totality has Languages and Spirits peculiar to itself. Consciousnesses who can dive into the Spirit of that Totality can be Integrated with the entire Creation, that is, with the Spirit of Nature and thus, can also hear their Languages and can speak with them. (Like speaking with Animals - with Flowers).

The Single Language of Nature is Love.

The Single Language of Realms is Evolution.

The Single Language of ALLAH is the Human Being.

The Language of Love is a Vibration. Natural Love Integrates with this Vibration. But Divine Love is an Evolutionary Love. Afterwards comes Conscious Love and this very Love Unites with Realization and Embraces the Total.

The entire Creation is in the Effort of Embracing this Total as a result of the Evolutions it makes in its Constitution. Those who can read the Language of Nature can observe that even Stone and Soil Serve for and Prostrate to this Total. It is presented for Your Information.