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Our Friends,

The Events experienced during this Period of Transition and the Universal Power of the Cosmos makes the Mankind restless. However, everyone has a constitution Peculiar to himself/herself. And the transaction of everyone is equivalent to his/her Own Consciousness and Inner Realm.

When the Words of ALLAH fall on the Words, when the Power of the Years are added to Human Beings, Consciousnesses who have not yet attained the Supremacy of Universal Love will make the World You live in even more difficult to live in. For this reason direct Currents of Evolution are given to Your Planet.

By this means, the Positive seeds ripening in Spirits will sprout and the Universal Totality will be attained by the Human Being who becomes Conscious. Nothing will be started anew anymore. For this reason now the time has come to talk with You very clearly.

During the Period You live in, the Life Tableau of Your Planet has reached up to these Negative Boundaries as a result of the investments Humanity has Unconsciously made up until Today.

At the moment, Your Planet is presently faced with Two great dangers. These are, one Natural and the other Technical Catastrophes. Your destruction is prepared by both ways. This is the very reason why direct Contacts have been started with You.

In the Messages We have given until today in the Knowledge Book, not to frighten You, details of Events concerning Your Planet have not been given. However, now, the Permission to give You the Messages concerning Your Medium has been given. For this reason We assemble the Genuine Human Beings together.

During this Period of Sincerity, in this Final Age in which Spiritual values are Unified, nobody is aware of the esteem We attach to Our Peace Missionary Friends who understand Us fully and Who have fearlessly reached out towards the depths of Space.

In this Universal Mission, collectivity and Cooperation is a Must. Universal Doors will always remain shut for those Who remain outside of this Consciousness. It is presented for Your Information.