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Our Friends,

New Lives which will be established in Your Planet one and a half Billions of Centuries later have nothing to do with BETA Gürzes. BETA Gürzes are Totalities, which will be created completely by a Humanistic Potential.

The designed Predestinational tableau of Your World is a phenomenon belonging to Your Planet on which You live at the moment. Your Planet will be Empowered anew by the Energy reinforcements it will receive from Dimensions it will enter during Advanced Time Progress. It is an Archive of Culture.

Brand new seeds, like Your Micro Energies, will be sown anew in the World of the future, which will constitute the basis of Advanced Civilizations. However, these seeds will be more Powerful Energies than Your Initially sown Energies. And these Energies will create the more Powerful Human Being of more advanced Centuries.

Your Planet, which will create the different and much more Powerful Human Being of the Advanced Programs, will form quite different Totalities than BETA Gürzes. And all of them will each carry a Potential of ALLAH.

In accordance with the Ordinance of Circulation, first the Human Being - then Allah - and still later, the Power will become effective. Do not confuse and tire Your Minds with them now. Because, after BETA Totality Dimensions, You, too, will come to this Planet and thus, will create anew the Civilizations here. It is presented for Your Information.



Power = The Golden Dimension Energy of the Atlantaens.

Unknown Power = The Unkown Power of this Power within the Humatistic Totality