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Our Friends,

During this Period, Mankind is in such a Progress that it is on the eve of the steps it will take forward in every way. The steps it will take forward will stimulate the Code of Logic of its Consciousness, then it will comprehend the cause of its Existence.

Every Servant has been the Servant bound to obey Orders of his/her God until today. However, the essence of the Knowledge of the Books has changed in time and servant became the Slave of a servant. In fact, Mankind has caused itself to become a slave in its own Medium, due to its passions and weaknesses and has become a Slave of its Own Self.

During this Period of Awakening, each Awakened Consciousness is guided by various means through this Knowledge Book. There is nothing but Purification and Purity in Your Essence. Consciousness of the Universe reaches Consciousness of the God in proportion with its Purity.

A Baby is a pure Spring. When it grows up, Social Consciousness makes it turbid. The damage the conditioned Brain codes can give to Society, can even destroy a Universe. And You are going through such a Period now. For this reason, We are endeavoring with all Our Power to return You to Yourselves. And, by opening the paths of Science and Learning, We try to destroy Fanaticism and Taboo.

The Actual path of all the Religious Books is to advance on the path of Learning which will be opened beyond Evolvement. Your Essence-Substance is God-Consciousness. For Us, a Genuine Saint who has discovered his/her Essence is a Scientist who has reached the Power of God.

Islamic Mysticism is Purification and attaining God. And to discover One?s Self is to attain God. Only afterwards can You shed Light on Your Society through the gates of Learning. You possess everything on behalf of the Almighty. Do not ever forget this Our Friends. Our Love is for all the Universes.