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Our Friends,

Until the Evolutionary Consciousness and the Time Consciousness of a Human Being meet, that person is doomed to live with a Veiled Awareness as a necessity of the Plan. Until today, numerous Truths have been kept secret from You so that the Masses would be able to attain a certain Level of Consciousness.

Now, We have opened the Skies and given Your Planet all the Information due to both Natural and the Mechanical changes which have occurred in the entire Cosmos. Our Reflection on You in this way causes Mass Awakenings.

This Knowledge Book which is dictated is not a product of Imagination, not a Science Fiction. As a result of certain Thoughts We receive from Your Thought chains from time to time, We have to perform certain Demonstrations, both on the level of the Masses and on Personal levels, so that Your Faith can be strengthened and You can attain the Truth. We advise You not to be frightened.

For, certain Human Friends Believe what We say, unfortunately, not through Words, but through their Eyes. Sometimes We have to attempt these demonstrations although We do not want to do so. Our Goal is not to prove ourselves. You will attain everything in time which will be gone through. You will See and Know the Events and You will be Awakened through Intuition and You will Believe.

All the Operations performed are to make You attain Yourselves. It is not easy at all to reach this state. We Get in Touch, from time to time, only with Friends who have reached this state or who directly perform Duty. Even if You try, You still can not see Us.

We adjust Ourselves to the Frequency of whomever We wish to show Ourselves. If they have fears, We never disturb them by entering their Frequencies. We perform no personal actions. We act according to the Commands We receive.

This is one of Our Constitutional Pledges, it is a Universal Command. However, in the framework of certain obligations, there will be certain differences in Our contacts from now on. It is presented for Your information.