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Our Friends,

We are passing way beyond what We have been used to until today. In accordance with the Ordinance of Graduation, everything begins with the Minimum and expands towards the Maximum.

Our LORD has given Us the Command that We should introduce an applied Plan to You during this Period of Sincerity called the Period of Resurrecting, besides the Sacred Information given to You until today. And He has taken in hand His Ordinance anew and has laid a brand new path of the Golden Age.

As the Staff Members of the SIRIUS Mission, We serve together with the Missions of other Solar Systems under the Supervision of the Divine Plan.

Even though each established Cosmic Focal Point receives the same Energy Frequency, the matter of YOURS - MINE, has come into existence due to the Information differences at the sources caused by the inability of breaking the Ego chains in the Hearts and due to the Information given in accordance with CONSCIOUSNESS - FREQUENCY - MISSION. And the operations are disbanded.

In the Ordinance which will be established, the Purpose and the Order is a Single LORD - Single ORDER-Single BOOK. But this SINGLE BOOK is neither the Old Testament, nor the Psalms of David, nor the New Testament, nor the Koran.

This Single Book is This KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is revealed to You by the Plan as an Information. We have often talked to You about the characteristics of This Knowledge Book and We will do so again.

In this Book, the Frequencies of the Philosophy of the Far-East, of the Old Testament, of the Psalms of David, of the New Testament and of the Koran have been assembled together. And to this is also added the Frequency of the MIGHTY ENERGY FOCAL POINT. For this reason, We say: WE HAVE ASSEMBLED THE SIX IN ONE - WE HAVE ADDED THE ONE TO THE ONE.

This is not a Book to be worshipped. Do not overestimate it. With the Consciousness You will attain in future beyond Cosmic Awareness, You will learn not to overestimate anything. And You will know yourself, by discovering the Allness within Nothingness.

However, unless the Ego which is necessary for life is rasped and unless it is directed towards a Positive Service, Nobody ever will be able to find neither Material, nor Spiritual Serenity.

Your Sacred Books revealed through the Channel of ALPHA have helped You who have attained Cosmic Awareness until today by introducing You to Yourselves. But this KNOWLEDGE BOOK, as the key to Your Cosmic Consciousness, partly opens the Gate of Your Cosmic Consciousness both by its Frequency and by its Explanatory quality.

During this Period, You will receive and give Information in proportion with the Consciousness You have attained. And by this means, You will attain the Right to receive more Powerful Information.

We also call this KNOWLEDGE BOOK, THE GOLDEN BOOK of THE GOLDEN AGE. We also accept it as the Constitution of the Universe, since it declares the Constitution of the Universe. And We call it the FINAL BOOK OF RESURRECTION, since it Unveils the Consciousnesses and Codes the Frequencies.

Until the Gates of Cosmic Consciousness are opened widely, We will continue to give You Celestial Information. Only after then will Everyone become a Book himself/herself. The GOLDEN AGE will be established by such Consciousnesses.

And an IZOLAN Language, that is, the ATOMIC LANGUAGE will replace the Books.

Those who overcome their Egos are the ESSENCE Staff Members of the LORD. And We are expecting them to Unify and shed Light on the Ordinance of the World. Please, get into action, from now on, as Discerning, Logical, Aware Terrestrials and try to compensate for the wasted time. Let Us repeat again, as We often do:

This dictated KNOWLEDGE BOOK and all the Information given to You until today and Your Sacred Books which have guided and Enlightened You are each a Celestial Guide Training You, Warning You and conveying You to the level of Humanity.

During this Final Age, We assemble Our Sincere Friends under the roof of the Golden Age. However, We open the Gates of the Universe only for those who overcome their EGOs and get Unified by Working Cooperatively with Harmony in their Hearts. Our Love is beyond Infinity and for all the Universes.