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Our Friends,

The Saints and Prophets of the past Periods, and Friends who had been Enormously Successful in the Past are living on Your Planet by Gene transfers during this Period of Sincerity which is called the Period of Resurrecting. These are the Essence Genes. And they serve on Your Planet by an Unveiled Awareness as a result of having attained their Essence Consciousnesses.

They are each a Free Spirit, a Free Will. And the other Genes are Awakened in accordance with the same Consciousness as time goes by, through Special Efforts. Meanwhile, the existence or non-existence of Reincarnation is still the subject of argument. You are the Genuine Proofs of this subject matter.

Each of You is a Miracle by Yourself. How can You deny Your own selves so Unconsciously? Time will pass, each one will claim his/her Essence Consciousness and, one day, the entire Truth will Shine with all clarity. In future, Gene transfers will be mentioned clearly and in detail. Our Love is for the entire Universe.