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Our Friends,

We would like to disclose to You the Word HARAN which is the Supervising Mechanism of the Dimensions of Truth. Each Letter of this Totalistic word is a Cipher Code connected to the Frequency of a Word. However, at the same time, it also Symbolizes the Fire Dimensions of the Mediums of Truth.

You know that the OMEGA Dimension was also called the RAN Planet. That is, the Fire Planet. The Word Fire utilized in this Dimension expresses the Powerful Intensity of Energies. However, RAN, that is opposite Coding: NAR, that is the word FIRE (in Turkish) is the Blazing - Flaming - Shining Fire. It has nothing to do with Energy. HARAN is the Power of FIRE of Dimensions of Truth. And OMEGA is its Reflection Focal Point.

We give You the Vibrations of intense Letter Frequencies those Dimensions carry, by preparing them in accordance with the low Dimension Energies in which You are present. Otherwise, the Ordinance of Existence would be annihilated. In future years, Lights will be brought to You from beyond Billions of Dimensions of that High Energetic Point. You can not know this yet.

For now, You can not know this and You can never grasp the Messages which will be given from here by the present Levels of Consciousness in Your Planet. Because, You are not the residents of these Dimensions. At the moment, there are numerous Consciousnesses in Your Planet who can not receive even a Millionth of these given Cosmic influences.