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Our Friends,

Way beyond Dimensions Your Levels of Consciousness perceive, there are such beautiful Material Totalities You do not know yet that those Material Totalities are not Subtle. Those are Totalities constituted beyond Your accustomed Knowledge.

Those Totalities are just like the Material Universes in which You live. However, Humanistic Potentials there possess more perfect Consciousnesses than the Levels of Consciousness You attain in the World. And You will Deserve to Live on these Material Totalities with Your Material Totality at Your World in proportion with Your Deserving these places here.

In these Dimensions to which You will go, You will discover the Genuine Love and will attain the Consciousness of Genuine Love. You will be induced to attain a Consciousness with which You will be able to embrace with Love even the stones and the earth of Your World. At the moment, it is not possible for any of You to attain this Consciousness in the Dimension Frequency You are in.

However, at the moment, You who serve for the operational Ordinance of the Fourth Order will be transferred to beautiful Worlds You will not be able to destroy any more by benefiting from the Special Process here, in proportion with Your being considered Deserved to enter the places here. And from then on, You, as Humanistic Potentials, will be responsible for the Protection and the Order of those Worlds.