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(It Is Answer to the Chains of Thought)

Our Friends,

The Light - Photon - Cyclone technique is a technique Uniting You with the Energy of the Evolution Consciousness within the Dimension You are in by loading the Time Energy in which it is present on the Frequencies of the Letters.

By this means, Your Level of Consciousness locks You up by Uniting the Energy of the Dimension up to which it had Progressed, that is, Your Evolution Level, with the Time Energy in which You are Present. And it protects You from the detrimental factors within the Dimension You are.

Everyone's Consciousness Energy which has reached his/her Final Evolution Dimension is his/her Protective shield. You can only get out of this shield in proportion with the Consciousness attained. Attaining Consciousness occurs through Knowledge. The Consciousness attained Invites One to Realization. The one who attains Realization comprehends the Truth. And attains the Consciousness of what to do.

The situation of Your Planet is not cheering at all. Due to the Scarcity of Time, the Knowledge Book has been bestowed on Your Planet for this reason in accordance with the Accelerated Evolution Program. Evolution is Interminable. No Consciousness may ever remain in the Evolution Dimension he/she is in.

This is an operational Ordinance. However, due to the position of Your Planet at the moment, the Information receive and give rendered by Special Concentrations causes Spiritual Agitations in Consciousnesses who are not ready. And in future years, even more effective situations will come about.

By keeping this Factor in consideration, the Final Schedule of Progress of Consciousnesses who are devoted to the Sacred Books comprise a Supervision up to the Dimension of Intercession which is the First Channel of OMEGA. This is a position comprising the 18th Dimension, 15th Solar System and the 72nd Energy Totality.

However, during this Progress of the Final Age, for the Genuine Salvation of many of Our Terrestrial Brothers and Sisters who presently serve in the 20% Veiled Consciousness Dimension, they have to transcend this 72nd Energy Dimension and pass to Dimensions beyond Intercession.

At the moment, Your Planet is becoming the stage of Cosmic Showers much higher than the Energy Power it is in. And in future, it will be subjected to even more intense Cosmic influences.

For this reason Energies loaded on each Letter Frequency of the Knowledge Book by the Light - Photon - Cyclone Technique, prepare Your entire Planet for the 76th Energy Dimension and locks up Your Consciousnesses (So that You will not be affected by the advanced Power of the Cosmic Influences).

For this reason the Knowledge Book is called the Book of Dimensions beyond Intercession.

A Second Incarnation in more difficult World conditions for Friends who can not Transcend the 72nd Energy Dimension Step is compulsory. By reading the Knowledge Book during the Period in which they will be transferred, they will be Protected in the Time Segment they will be in and thus, will be taken into Dimensions Beyond Intercession.

The Cosmic Age of Three Centuries recognized for Your Planet is a Program prepared for the Salvation of Your entire Planet. For this reason everyone has to be connected to the System and Everyone should read the Knowledge Book.

This Book is a Protective Roof. While Your Spiritual and Physical Cellular Forms are protected, negativities coming into existence around You are taken under control by Anti Antibodies, under the supervision of the System and thus, You are connected directly to the Channels of Healing.

Since a Consciousness who has not been able to render his/her Spiritual Evolution can not attract the Evolutionary Energies of the Cosmic Influences, he/she can not render Consciousness Progress. And since he/she will not be able to make his/her Cellular Regeneration, he/she will be in a state to annihiliate himself/herself.

During this Final Age, Your entire Planet has been taken into the Salvation Plan by the Accelerated Evolution Program. Aids from Us, Efforts from You. The Universal Totality has rendered Effective all the possibilities it has for this Salvation Plan.

And this Great Book having a Special Protective Position and dictated by the Light - Photon - Cyclone Technique, had been prepared Centuries ago to be bestowed on Your Planet during this Period.

The Salvation of Your Planet depends on Your cooperating with the Reality of the Unified Humanity Cosmos Councils Unification Federation.

This is a Program prepared for the Salvation of all Living Entities in Your Planet. The Knowledge Book induces You to complete the incomplete Evolutions by connecting everyone to this Totality.

Friends who had attained their Consciousness Lights during their former Evolutions work hand in hand, besides numerous Staffs of Celestial Missionaries who serve in Your Planet by the Command of Unification.

From now on, Your entire Planet's taking its place next to this working Staff is the Universal Totality's Desire from the Essence. It is presented for Your Information.