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Our Friends,

Desire is the initial Sub-awareness Drive of the Universal Unification. Seeds You will Sow in Your Friends who evaluate the experienced Medium from a different angle in accordance with their own Views, will induce them to be taken into Salvation by preparing them for an advanced Awakening Medium.

A Human Being has to go through certain Stages and has to make numerous Spiritual Progress in order to be able to Deserve Social Solidarity. Humanity will attain an infinite Tolerance provided it accepts that everything takes its course in a Divine Order and System.

Since the inner and the outer Potentials of Our Friends who could not make the desired Progress will not be in Balance, the System has taken them for Repose for the time being.

However, it will be Waited until the Private problems of these Friends are solved. Later, they will Deserve to take their Absolute places in the Divine Mechanism by being Surrounded by the Universal Potential.

Desire from the Essence is very important in this Mission. This is an instinctive Vibration born from the Unification of the Essence with the Spirit. This Vibration connects You to the Automatic Circuit. Your Pointages are registered only after this stage.

Everyone continues his/her Mission in the Frequency Dimension he/she has Deserved. Selections are Evaluated according to the Wave Lengths. Missions performed are not Individual, but Universal.

Efforts made are a Call to Humanity. Work done from the Essence will never be unreciprocated. Appreciation belongs to the Divine Might. However, whatever is sown will be reaped.

Evolution is an Element of Equilibrium. Provided You keep both scales of the balance in Equilibrium, Good News will always come to You. The characteristic of the Universal Unification is this.

Events You come across and which seem to You as Negative are Exams preparing You for higher Dimensions. Only those who lack the Consciousness of Truth are shaken by these Mediums.

This is the reason why all Sacred Suggestions have Invited You to accept everything as they are. Nothing can be expected of Consciousnesses who do not know what God and the Divine Order are. Time will be Their School.

Doubts and Suspicions originate from Consciousnesses who have not Awakened yet. Not Every Consciousness who makes channel communication is an Awakened Consciousness. Unveiling of Consciousnesses is different and the Awakening of Consciousnesses is even more different.

However, in the work done on this path, doubts and suspicions are keys which unlock the Consciousnesses and thus, guide Human Being towards the Medium of Quest. Phases all Our Terrestrial Brothers and Sisters have gone and will go through in the Phases they live are their Evolution Stairs.

Provided this given Information is accepted as the criterion, Humanity will soon be ready for the Genuine Happiness it has been yearning for. It is presented for Your Information.