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Our Friends,

Everything will change during the end of the Periods in which Your Sincerity is reciprocated with Sincerity. Everything will be taken in hand anew during Time Segments in which Realms and Ordinances come to an end. This is an operational Order of a Mechanism of Administrative Divine Justice.

Steps taken forward on that path the System considers necessary are a Method Enlightening Humanity on the truest path. Humanity which will be subjected to the Progress of Time will, one day, be the Cradle of brand new Civilizations.

The Human Being of tomorrow will never be the Human Being of today. And Your Planet will be the scene of different Evolutions during this changing Progress of Time. All warnings made to You from the First to the Last moment and all contacts made with You are investments made towards the Salvation of Humanity.

Until the Period in which the entire Humanity attains a Single Consciousness on the same Coordinate, there will always be a piece of Land on Your Planet. (Even if it is a Single Island.) Your entire Planet will completely become a Ball of Water during the Final Ending Period of the Life Limit of a Single Humane Consciousness.

During time periods to be experienced afterwards, the entire water covering Your Planet will recede completely due to differences of Heat, and Your Planet will say Hello to Its New Sun by the Totality of a single piece of Land. After this Period, Seeds of the Morrows will be sown on Your Planet anew by rendering effective the Climates anew.

This Phenomenon will comprise, more or less, a time period of one and a half Billion Centuries and in Your Planet, the Civilization of the Past will create a new Civilization anew and thus, will embrace the Universes by a new Life. We never Prophesy. We convey the Truth. We give this Message of Ours as an answer to numerous chains of Thought.

It is the Right of the Human Being of Today to Know the Truth. Because, the Human Being who has Deserved the Truth will now be the Human Being of other Dimensions. They will carry all the Archives of all Universes. It is presented for Your Information.